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Need a lift?

We are the local leader in short term scissor lift rentals! Best rates, extremely quick service, large fleet.
12' - 32' Lifts Available. Click here for a listing
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Welcome to Northside Tool Rental in Atlanta, GA

Contractors Daily Rate (but anyone can use it!) Return Equipment by Next Business Day at Closing (5:30pm)

At Northside Tool Rental, rent anytime during the work week and the equipment is due by close of business the next day for the standard 1 day rate. No more rushing around to beat the clock! No more annoying hourly overtime charges! Read More »

Contractor Favorites

Do-It-Yourself Favorites

Seasonally Popular

Tailgate Parties!

Specialty Equipment

Landscape & Hardscape Projects

We Stay Local

All Staff Hirings and Profits stay in the Atlanta market

  • Most of our major competitors are based overseas or non-local
  • NTR has a legacy of supporting local schools, churches and other civic groups

More On How We Work

  • 80% of our business is from small contractors like yourself
  • We have been serving companies just like yours since 1953!
  • We take pride in maintaining very clean, dependable equipment
  • Our employees have decades of equipment rental experience

5 Convenient Locations

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