Tamp, Rammer Electric

Make Wacker
Model ES52Y
Sku #297
4 Hour $64
Day $96
Week $383
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Powerful Electric Tamp that runs off standard 115v. All the power of a gas tamp! Great for indoor work.

Your typical gas powered tamp is easy to find. But there are times when you can’t use a gas tamp, particularly for those indoor jobs where ventilation is an issue. At Northside Tool Rental you will find this fantastic electric tamp by Wacker for just such a job.

The Wacker ES52Y looks and acts like a regular jumping jack tamp. But it’s electric powered and runs off standard 115v! With no need for messy fuels and no special power requirements, this electric tamp fills the void when you have indoor compaction needs.

At 123 pounds, transportation is a breeze. No need to worry about fuel sloshing around in your truck. With the force of a standard tamp, this electric version won’t leave you short on power!



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