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Cleaner, Carpet 12 Gallon Steam

Get your carpets even cleaner with the power of steam!  This unit boasts a 12 gallon tank, ensuring even the toughest and largest projects are handled easily and with less elbow grease!!   NTR TIP: Go the extra mile! Rent the Turbo Hard Surface Tool Attachment and convert this steam carpet cleaner into a hard floor cleaner!  Get every floor in the place spotless with one trip to Northside Tool Rental!       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1nR7vfePQU Read more

Tungsten Carbide Abrasive Disc – 15″

Finally! A solution for removing paint, glue, wax, carpet backing and more from your concrete floor.  An alternative to gas grinders with blocks.  This slick disc goes on the bottom of a 15" floor polisher and goes to work. Check out this great video on how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCgYUfqHTRA   Read more

Vacuum, Grinder

Here's exactly what you need for total dust containment when using one of our concrete floor or edge grinders. Read more

Edge Grinder – 7 inch Electric

This is what you need to finish that concrete resurfacing project.  This unit gets you right up to the edge of the wall. Read more

Vacuum, Industrial (Wet-Dry Vac)

These industrial size Wet-Dry Vacuums are the perfect all around clean up item.  Whether you have standing water or a shop full of debris, these Vacuums can do it all! Read more

Stripper – Electric Tile – Walk Behind

Read more

Stripper – Self Propelled Tile – Small

Read more

Stripper – Self Propelled Tile – Large

The Blastrac BS-180, pictured on the left,  is a workhorse of a tile stripper.  The BS-180 is designed to handle the toughest jobs for removing ceramic tile, wood, VCT, carpet, sheet vinyl, rubber, adhesives and coatings.  Running on standard 120v, this machine has instant forward and reverse action.  Accomodating blade widths of up to 14", this machine will cover lots of ground fast!  With a travel speed of 30ft/minute, this machine will work all day and night on those big projects. ... Read more

Roller, Linoleum

Used to roll new linoleum. Read more

Plane, Scarifier – 12″ Edco 220

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9BQGN-AxJY Read more

Plane, Scarifier – 8″

8 inch cutting width, and 1/8th inch cutting depth per pass.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UbFLyXBqVU Read more

Plane, Scarifier – 12 VonArx

Scarifier has an adjustable depth up to 1/8" per pass. Cuts at a 12" width. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkgtXxibqUA Read more

Handheld Angle Grinder – 4.5 inch

This paddle switch grinder is built for professional applications.  Features a lock on switch for continuous operation. (Stones Extra) Read more

Grinder, Floor Large Gas

Gas powered grinder has a 22" working width.  It is capable of grinding up to 500 square feet per hour.  Can be used with dyma-serts, strip-serts or stones.  For use on concrete floors to even and smooth, or to remove thin set, sealers, paint, and epoxies. (Stones Extra)(6 - 2"x2"x4" Stones)   Read more

Grinder, Floor Small Electric

Concrete floor grinder has an 11" working width, to grind up to 250 square feet per hour.  Can be used with dyma-serts, strip-serts, or stones. For use on concrete floors to even and smooth, or to remove thin set, sealers, paint, and epoxies.  Optional vacuum attachment is available. (Stones Extra)(6 - 1"x2"x3" Stones) Read more