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Having problems with your rental equipment?

Here’s how we can help:


Call Us!

Also we can usually help over the phone so please don’t hesitate to call us.  

There are often very simple solutions that we can walk you through.

If the equipment is broken or simply not working to your satisfaction, call us to report the problem.  It’s very important that we hear from you during the rental if there are any issues.  We will always work with  you to get your project done, but we cannot credit rental time if we have no documentation of a problem during the rental.

We are always happy to swap out any item you feel is not working to your satisfaction.  

Click below for our location contact information:

Contact NTR!


 Check our Technical Product Support page

Click here for our Most Common Solutions page.  These address the most common technical issues people encounter while using their rental equipment.  We see these all the time so please check this list to see if it’s helpful.


 Search our website

All of our rental items are posted on our website. 

Most of the items have some combination of: Instruction & Operation manuals, Specification sheets, How-To sheets, How-To videos and Vendor Links.

Use the Product Search box on the left hand side of the screen to search by the inventory Product Name.  This Product Name will appear on your rental contract under the Description of the rented item.  The Product Name on the website, and the Description on your rental contract, are the same.