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Chipper / Shredder – 3 inch

Please note:  This specialty item is currently available at our Sandy Springs and Marietta locations only.   During spring and fall this high demand item books up quickly for weekends.  Please call ahead for reservations.  Also you might consider renting this during the week when demand is lighter.  Thank you!

Introducing the Eliet Prof IV 3″ Chipper / Shredder.  Yes you read that right.  Sure it’s a powerful chipper capable of handling limbs up to 3″ in diameter.  But the real beauty is that it can also handle all your shrubbery, leaves and other small debris!  If you’ve ever used a full size chipper before, you know you can’t put small shrubs or leaves in them without damaging the machine.  And if you’ve ever used a small shredder before, you know how easily they clog and break.

Watch this amazing Chipper / Shredder in action:

Notice how easily the machine takes in both full size branches and small shrub without a hesitation!  But did you notice something else?  Check out how the machine discharges the wood.  No high speed chute to point and avoid.  Just a gentle dropping from the hopper.

But there’s more!  Did you notice something else in the video?  Did you notice that the chipper went to the trees, instead of having to bring the trees to the chipper?!  That’s right, this fantastic chipper/shredder is also Self Propelled!

More extensive information on all of our chippers, including how to decide which size is right for your job,  can be found here.


And here’s another video for you: