NTR Through the years

Historical NTR Ads through the years

Northside Tool Rental was founded in 1953 in what is now the heart of the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta.  Here are a few old ads and other miscellaneous items from years past ….

Here’s a catalog page from 1986.

Catalog Cover from 1986:

Clip Art (remember that?) from 1978:

Print Ad approx 1986:

50th Anniversary Logo 2003:

Print Ad Unknown Year:

Here is a front and back of a really old Postcard.  Notice the phone number.  Apparently this is old enough that we had only one branch at the time.  Has to be early 60’s:

There was this fuel shortage back in the ’70’s – you might remember.  Here’s a great memo from our founder to all employees back in 1974.  Classic Roy!

We think this is a store we once had in the Toco Hills area of town, but there’s nobody left around that knows for sure!  1/23/12 – Mystery Solved!  This is 2893 Buford Hwy.


A few old pictures from the Buckhead location.  Circa ’70’s

Alan Parker:


Old NTR - Alan Parker


















The “Mad Filer”:

Old NTR - Mad Filer