General Terms & Conditions


We take reservations for future rentals as far in advance as you’d like to plan.   There is no deposit required to hold a reservation.

Payment Terms & Identification

We require a valid credit card at the time of rental.

We require a valid drivers license or passport at the time of rental.

The credit card must be presented by the cardholder, in person at the time of the rental.  We cannot accept credit cards from anyone other than the cardholder themselves.

Payment is secured in advance of the rental using the card provided.  This card will be also be charged for any overtime as it occurs.  Any card presented for payment is agreed, per the rental contract, to be used for any and all costs associated with that particular rental.

Rental Rates & Periods

Rent is charged for all time out.

Standard rental periods are as follows

            Hourly – Some equipment is available for hourly rentals

            Daily – Due back within 24 hours

            Weekly – 7 Consecutive days

            Monthly – 28 Consecutive days

Rates vary by equipment.  Certain equipment contain hour meters, and in these cases the use of the equipment is limited as follows:

            Daily – 8 hours use

            Weekly – 40 hours use

            Monthly – 160 hours use

Use in excess of these amounts over these time frames will result in overtime charges applying

Delivery Service

We offer delivery to and from local job sites for an additional fee.  This fee is based on the type of equipment being delivered and the location of delivery.


We provide all equipment with a full tank of fuel.  We charge either by the gallon used or a flat rate, depending on the type of equipment being rented.


You are responsible for the equipment at all times while it is in your possession, even if it has been called off rent for pickup.   The Rental Protection Program provides some, but not full, protection from this liability in certain situations.

Rental Contract

When you rent tools and equipment, you are entering into a legally binding contract with Northside Tool Rental.  Please click here for a complete copy of our contract language, to which you will be a party through your signature at the time of rental.