Northside Tool Rental has been the contractors’ source for rental equipment in the Atlanta area since 1953. We were the originals and we’re still the best! We understand that rental is not a transactional business, but a relationship business. That’s why our rental programs are tailored to the needs of the contractors and designed to enhance the relationship between NTR and our contractor customers.

  • Our VIP Program is tailored to the needs of the small to mid-sized contractors, as well as our DIY customers working on long term projects, who usually prefer to rent on a cash basis, but need the convenience of a billing account.
  • Our Commercial Credit Account Program is tailored to the larger contractors and those that prefer to receive invoices for billing as opposed to paying cash at the time of rental.

Each program is rich with benefits, many of which you will only find at Northside Tool Rental!

Commercial Credit Account

Northside Tool Rental offers a Commercial Credit Account whereby we establish a billing account for you and your company, and we bill you Net 30. This is our most flexible program for rental and offers the best discounts for larger volume customers – up to 7% including our early pay discount.

Account Details

  • 10% discount on all transportation charges
  • Ability to Waive Damage Protection Plan (must have suitable Insurance Certificate on file)
  • Rental Purchase Options available
  • Eligible for tailored rental rates on specific machines
  • Account management system helps control spend, buying authorities, job numbers


* With the Single Point of Contact Option, you can choose to deal with one branch only at Northside Tool Rental. That branch will manage your rentals over our entire network of branches. You have one number to call and everything is taken care of!

** Eligibility for discounts requires account in good standing, within terms.

How to Establish a Commercial Credit Account

Establishing a Commercial Credit Account with Northside Tool Rental is simple. There is just one short form to complete, which you can obtain from any of our rental stores or click here.

Your customer record will be set to automatically apply the discount level relative to your sales volume. The discount applies to all rental items, and will apply even to special rates that are offered outside of this Commercial Credit Account program.

Each calendar year the discount portion of the program begins anew. However, you will begin each year at the same discount level that you ended the previous year. So if you qualify this year for the full 7% discount level, you will retain that level next year beginning with the first rental!

Northside Tool Rental reserves the right to modify this program at any time.