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Concrete Chain Saw, Hydraulic

The RGC MiniSaw is the newest product in our line of products. Because it is about 1/3 the weight of a full size chain saw it is the lightweight, portable answer for the contractor with quick or sporadic cutting jobs. The versatile MiniSaw makes clean, fast, precise, and straight cuts through concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and various aggregates. The MiniSaw can be run from a PowerPack or any other compatible hydraulic power supply. It is the ideal tool for any contractor working with concrete.  Read more

Cut off Saw – Gas 16 inch

Don't forget that NTR also rents and sells Diamond Blades! http://youtu.be/Jy8WmUnIWk8 Read more

Saw, Toe Kick

Simple but hard to find Toe Kick Saw.  The Crain CC795 is a top of the line saw that fits where others won't! Read more

Tile Saw – Hand Held 4 inch

Small handheld helps get the little jobs done quicker. Read more

Table Saw – 10 inc

Read more

Reciprocating Saw – 110v (Sawzall)

Read more

Saw, Super Sawzall – Cordless

Read more

Porta Band Saw – 4.75 sq inch

Read more

Porta Band Saw – 3.5 – 4.5 inch

Read more

Miter Slide Compound Saw – 10 inch

Read more

Saw, Jig Electric

Cut clean lines in any direction Read more

Saw, Jamb Electric

Used for undercutting doorways and cutting trim. Read more

Saw, Cordless Reciprocating

Read more

Saw, Electric w/Combo Blade

Read more

Circular Saw – 6.5 inch Cordless

Handheld, battery operated saw, perfect for quick and small cuts.  comes with battery and charger   Read more

Circular Saw – 16 inch Electric

Perfect saw for home builders. Utilizes a 16" blade* that handles heavy timber with ease.   *NOTE:Purchase or rental of blade is separate. Ask your NTR representative for details! Read more

Chop Saw – 14 inch

Slice through metal and masonry Read more

Tub Saw – 5 inch Electric (mini)

Smaller model prevents overloading and breaking the smaller items that needs cutting. Read more

Tub Saw – 10 inch Electric

Read more

Saw, Tile Large Electric

Cut Tile, Granite, Marble and more with this sturdy table saw/ Read more

Concrete Floor Saw – 14 inch Gas

Steadily and evenly cut straight with a floor saw.   Purchase or rental of diamond blade is separate.  Some models can also be used with 16" diamond blade. Read more

Brick/Block Saw – 110V

Perfect for cutting bricks/concrete.   diamond blade rental/purchase separately. Read more

Cut Off Saw – 14 inch Air Powered

When working indoors where exhaust fumes are too dangerous, air powered is the way to go!   Purchase or rental of diamond blades is separate Read more

Cut Off Saw, 14 inch Electric

Ideal when using gas powered isn't an option due to indoor jobs. Read more

Cut Off Saw – Gas 14 inch

Don't forget that NTR also rents and sells Diamond Blades! http://youtu.be/Jy8WmUnIWk8 Read more