Scissor Lift Help

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20′ Scissor Lifts

25′ Scissor Lifts


Recharging Instructions for all Scissor Lifts:

1. Turn key to “off” position.  Lift WILL NOT charge with key in “on” position.

2. Plug lift into extension cord connected to live power outlet

(Be careful to use the recharging plug, not the platform electrical extension plug)

(Look for the yellow “charger on” light to display when properly plugged in)

3. Recharge for a minimum of 6 hours between uses

4. Machine cannot be charged and run at the same time

(in other words, you cannot plug the machine into the wall and run it by AC power)

5. Look for the Green “Charge Complete” light when machine is fully charged.

6. Disconnect power cord before use


***  Expect a maximum of 6 hours of use between charges  ***


Here’s a simple video showing a Scissor Lift being used