Tools And Heavy Construction Equipment Rental Atlanta

Heavy construction equipment is expensive, therefore if you don’t need to use it frequently, it is probably more cost effective for you to rent what you need instead of buying. Besides, owning such heavy machinery and tools comes with additional expenses for storage and maintenance when not in use, so it’s truly a bad idea to spend that much money only to use the equipment just once in a blue moon. To give you only one example, who would buy an Eliet Prof IV and Prof V 3 inch Chipper-Shredder to use it once a year and pay for its storage and maintenance all year round, when they can have it for one week for only $387?

Contractors and builders looking for heavy construction equipment rental Atlanta are invited to search the Northside Tool Rental website, as we have a comprehensive list of tools and equipment available for rent. We’ve got air powered equipment, automotive tools, compaction equipment, ditching equipment, ladders, lawn and garden tools, lift equipment, scaffolding, saws, welders and lots of other tools and machines for household and construction use.

Why Rent Equipment From Northside Tool Rental?

Our tools and heavy construction equipment rental Atlanta services are focused on contractors, but we also welcome individuals passionate about do-it-yourself projects. For them and for all those who want it, we have a weekend special offer: rent a tool or a piece of equipment on Friday afternoon, return it by 9am on the next Monday and pay only a one day rate. You won’t have to hurry up with your project, as you’ll have the entire weekend to think it thoroughly and execute in carefully.

At Northside Tool Rental, we also have a special daily rate for contractors. You can rent a piece of equipment anytime during a work day, return it the next day by close of business and only pay the standard one day rate, without any fees for exceeding the 24 hours. We created this offer for contractors, but we are happy to make it available for anybody else who needs to rent professional tools from us.

We take pride in training our employees at the highest possible level. They are experienced professionals with many years of operating such tools and machines, so they are fully qualified to provide you all information you need.

We do pay a special attention to maintaining and cleaning our equipment, so you can be sure you’ll get machines that almost look and feel like new.

Our Quick Rental Request Procedure

As you can imagine, we don’t have too many pieces of equipment of a kind. This is why some of them may not be available on the date you need them. Nonetheless, we do have a quick rental request form available on our website, so you can find out as soon as possible whether you can have the desired tools or equipment on the date you need it. Just fill in the form with all details and request a reservation. One of our technicians will come back to you immediately with a confirmation of the availability or with the dates when the device you need will be back in our warehouse.

After you’ve got your desired equipment, our specialists are available to help you with any inquiries you may have. If you have problems with your rental equipment, if you have questions about its good shape or about its operating procedure, you should give us a call immediately.

Unlike other heavy construction equipment rental Atlanta centers, we have an Early Return Program which allows our customers to get a rate reduction on some items when they return them before the end date of the contract. This program is available for certain pieces of equipment only. Scissor lifts, bobcats and backhoes are part of it, so if you finish your job earlier than estimated, just bring us back the machines and you’ll save money.

Another program you can benefit from is the Rental Purchase Option. If you realize at some point that you need one of our tools or machines very often or for periods of time much longer than initially estimated, you may wish you have bought the tool. With us, you can actually keep it. We apply a part of your rental fees towards the purchase, you pay the rest and the tool is all yours.