Great Landscaping Ideas in Atlanta to try

Atlanta landscaping takes extra effort and a person with an eye for natural and beautiful environment. However, if you are new in landscaping, the variety of choices available can be overwhelming, but you can be guided by some of the principles you applied in your interior set up when undertaking your landscaping project.

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Landscaping Ideas Atlanta - Northside Tool Rental

It is obvious that one of the main ingredients of having a wonderful Atlanta home is having a perfectly landscaped yard and using the right products and equipment. At Northside Tool Rental you will be able to rent all the tools that you require for your landscaping task. Planning your landscape design certainly requires coming up with a plan. There are a variety of popular landscape design features and ideas available to inspire you when embarking on a smart landscape project. Whether your backyard needs a total refresh or new plantings, here are great landscaping ideas Atlanta.

Growing edibles in your yard

If you can remember visiting the vegetable patch at your grandmother’s backyard then there is a new wave in Atlanta GA landscaping involving edible gardening. This kind of gardening includes a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The garden design is proof that edibles make beautiful landscape plants. This may also include a collection of common herbs to add a touch of nature and to bring life to your garden.

You can consult with a landscaping specialist to find out which edibles grow well in Atlanta area and how to grow them in an appealing manner. However, landscaping cannot be complete without the use of the right tools. A wide range of tools may be required for different types of lawns. Purchasing all the necessary tools and equipment can be very costly, this is where Northside Tool Rental comes in to help you. You can rent some of the machinery and tools from Northside Tool Rental and save on expenditure.

Managing water creativity

The Historic Fourth ward park in Atlanta is a perfect example of managing storm water in an effective and environmental friendly way. Although it is a large-scale project, some of its principles may be applied to residential landscaping projects. You can begin by creating a storm water retention pond in your backyard, this can be a striking feature in your garden. Including a water wall with sculptural features and other aesthetic elements can add beauty to your pond. So, if you love water features or your garden is prone to flooding, you can consider this helpful landscaping idea and turn your garden into a paradise on earth.

Creating an urban oasis

Getting a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space in the heart of Atlanta can be quite difficult. However, there are a few impressive courtyard gardens in Atlanta that create a wonderful view. One great way to add life to your garden is by creating an urban oasis. This features a uniquely shaped pool boarded by dark paving stones. The water feature is raised high slightly, with a dark bottom and light-colored stone to enhance reflectivity of the water surface. Adding a row of fluffy ornamental grasses around is also a great addition. Such a landscaping idea can be recreated on a small residential courtyard space.

Warming up with garden fireplace

A fire place can lighten up your outdoor space when temperatures are cold in Atlanta or at the beginning of spring. A wood burning fire place can be incorporated into a wall design, for homeowners who want to warm up their exterior living space. A fireplace provides a central point and gathering placefor the yard’s lower level. However, before you incorporate this design, check with your local planning division to find out whether they are permitted in your area. If it’s against the regulations, you can go for a gas fireplace. It will still offer a nice ambiance for your garden. This type of project will require different categories of machinery and lawn mowers based on your landscaping requirements. You can visit this link to find out more about landscaping equipment available for rental.

Breaking up a hillside with covered path

Landscaping ideas may range from swimming pool designs to incredible daffodil displays. If your backyard is characterized with uneven surface, you can cover up a path that curves gently along a hillside to make it a bit smoother. Stone walls below and above the arbor aid in leveling out the slopes and create an even space for the path. On the other hand, you can use climbing roses to cover the arbor and other plants to provide a colorful view on the front yard. This is a great way of using a hillside that would have been a huge problem in most backyards.

Landscape lighting

High-tech landscaping can add value to an Atlanta residential or commercial property especially if the landscaping brings creativity and color to the forefront. If a homeowner takes an important step of adding landscape lighting, the outcome is phenomenal. Landscape lighting actually enhances your garden’s look. It can improve winter landscapes, accentuate bushes, tress as well as ornaments adding visual effect to make landscaping so interesting. However, introducing landscaping lighting in your garden is a project that requires you to consult with an expert. Professionally installed lighting can help avoid common errors that detract from background instead of improving it.

Going green

Plants are a great addition to any landscape. Trees, crops, flowers and shrubs can create a desired impact and can even help achieve a tropical country feeling. Make sure you opt for vegetation that doesn’t require extra care to avoid making your backyard an attention seeker. Planting trees and shrubs of different kinds can add a soothing impact and purify the air in your outdoor space. Additionally, a water fountain is another addition with a striking effect. This feature brings calmness and life into an otherwise boring and ordinary garden. Make sure it is put at the front yard as it brings a sense of humility and serenity.

All these landscaping ideas Atlanta can only be successful with the use of the right landscaping products and equipment. This does not mean that you have to own each and every equipment and product that will be used for landscaping, Northside Tool rental provides an endless list of tools and products for rental to help cut down on expenditure. Visit Northside Tool Rental today and get the right landscaping tools for your project. You can also visit our website at and have a look at what we have to offer. Rework your landscape in Atlanta today to create an area where you can sit down, unwind and enjoy the serene and beautiful environment.