The best lawn tools for your outdoor projects

Of course depending on the projects you have in store for your garden, the best lawn tools are going to vary for each home owner. But, there are a few tools that can make your life much easier, and allow you to complete gardening tasks in a fraction of the time, when you put them to use. These are a few of the tools to use, to not only help you complete your Spring projects in a timely manner, but also to ensure the job gets done properly when working on your lawn and garden area.


The use of aerators, is going to allow you to mix air with other substances, including the soil, water, mulch, and fertilizer. Lawn aerators are going to improve soil drainage; they will also encourage worms to fertilize the soil, and allow for oxygen flow, for the best possible production. There are several items which can be used as aerators; in fact, there are even aerator shoes which can be worn, and by walking over the patches of soil and grass, you can promote even growth.

Lawn Edgers

The use of a lawn edger, allows you to maneuver around your lawn freely and quickly, without worrying about whacking or knocking out your favorite rose beds. These tools help you work around sidewalks, gardens, and driveways with the slightest of ease, and will allow you to cut the grass to the desired length, around different areas of the lawn. Simply pushing these gas or electric powered edgers, will allow you to work around any edge, and cut clean lines along your lawn.

Handheld trimmers

If you notice stray growth around the mailbox or fence, or if you need to manicure the hedges around your yard, this is the tool to do the job. Trimmers are powerful, they can cut through twigs and vines easily, and they will allow you to perfectly manicure the growing hedges and bushes, to the desired shape and size, with no problems at all.


Best lawn tools - red tiller - Northside Tool Rental

A tiller is a gas powered tool, used to prepare your soil for a new garden, or sod installation. The blades will work to loosen dirt and rocks, and can also mix soil additives and fertilizers in for you. They can work in reverse and forward, making maneuvering a breeze, and allowing you to work on large patches of land, and prepare the area in less time, for the items you are going to plant. These are one of the best lawn tools since they reduce the work time, and can dig far deeper than you would be able to do with a shovel or plow.


A dethatcher will remove thatch from your lawn, it rips in to the deeper layers of the lawn to pull up this thick, dead matter, and make way for new growth. The dead organic material pulled up from your lawn, can then be used for fertilizer, or compost, to help with quicker growth, for new plants you are going to add to your garden.


Of course a mower is ideal for the larger lawns which have to be maintained on a regular basis. If you have a large lawn area, where grass grows quickly, a seated mower is ideal to get the job done in less time, and more efficiently. Plus, with varying settings, you can choose different design work, and lengths for your lawn, each time you go out for a spin on the mower.

There are a number of great lawn and garden tools that you can use, in order to help reduce the amount of physical labor you have to do, and to reduce the time it is going to take you to complete some of these chores. Some of these tools are the best lawn tools not only to get your lawn and garden looking the way you want it to look, but also to avoid improperly doing the tasks yourself, with handheld tools. These tools will allow you to work quickly, work efficiently, and to produce the finest looking outdoor garden area, and plots of land. Whether you are growing a new garden or simply want to maintain your lawn this Spring, these are tools, anyone can make use of.

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