Garden Projects for Spring

Now that its Spring, there are many home owners who can’t wait to get back outside, and start on their gardening again. In fact, there are several great garden projects for Spring, that you can begin working on right away. Whether you have a favorite floral arrangement, want to try gardening a few new plants this year, or want to try out any other project, the time to get the projects underway is now.

Garden Projects for Spring - Northside Tool Rental

Clear out the ditches

Before you can start planting and working on the outdoor garden, you have to get rid of the debris and clutter that built up during the Winter months. Since vegetative growth is low, and won’t begin for another month or so, it is best to get rid of anything that got caught up in your drains, when you weren’t able to tend to your outdoor areas as much. Small branches, dead leaves, and other leaves are not only clogging the drains, but are a great source of compost, so this task serves a dual purpose, and gives you something to begin gardening with.

Top dress the beds

When it is dry enough, you can also begin top dressing your gardening beds, with the compost you picked from your drains, as well as compost you purchase in stores. Well seasoned manure is a great option if you are preparing to plant new flowers in the yard. Don’t dig up the bed; established beds have a complex soil ecosystem, allowing nutrients to build themselves up from the top down, and work through the soil, for optimal growth when the planting does begin.

pH levels

During early Spring months, you might find that your compost levels, and certain areas of your soil are lower than the 6.2 level mark. If this is the case, lime juice is the solution. Ideally, you can begin adding the lime a couple weeks before you begin planting, to ensure optimal growth when time comes to plant trees and new plants.

Prepare your lawn

Now is as good a time as any to prepare the lawn, and this is one of the easiest garden projects for Spring that you can complete. Start raking up the dead leaves, creating soil beds, and areas for planting, and starting fertilizing your lawn. It is also a good time to begin with weed elimination if you notice there are any weeds in the lawn, and also to start adding the right nutrients to the lawn, to ensure your garden is going to grow as much as it possibly can. Using bucket soil over empty patches of land, and starting to water the lawn as required, will also help to maximize growth, once you start planting in a few week’s time.

Creating an outdoor space

If you have a large lawn or yard, now you can also start creating a space for you to enjoy with your family, guests, or simply to kick back and read a book. Clear a patch of land to add a small outdoor chair seat or swing, table for eating, or a comfortable place to relax. You can also purchase stones, and other decorative pieces to create a small fountain area, where you want to enjoy time on a warm, sunny afternoon. Regardless of what you like, or the amount of free space you have, now is the time to clear it, and now is the time to start setting up the decor and seating arrangements for your outdoor enjoyment.

These are a few of the many garden projects for Spring, that you can get to work on now. Not only will this help prepare the land and soil for when you do begin to plant your plants and trees, but will also help guarantee optimal growth in the outdoor garden area, when time comes for you to begin the gardening and watering, during the Spring months.

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