Tool Rental Company Comparison

We decided to take a look at how Northside Tool Rental service and pricing stacked up against the other tool rental companies. We think you’ll agree that Northside Tool Rental is the smarter choice the next time you need to use a tool and equipment rental service.


Northside Tool Rental vs. Big Box Tool Rental Departments

✓ We take reservations – Big Box Tool Rental Departments does not.

✓ Our pricing and reservation system is online – theirs is not.

✓ We have an easy to use downloadable mobile app. Download it here

✓ We deliver everything (they deliver only certain items) on our own trucks (their deliveries are outsourced) at the time specified by the customer if need be. Our delivery personnel are the same people that service and maintain the equipment and are prepared to go over the proper use of the equipment and answer questions on site.

✓ Our employees have many years of experience doing just this vs. being shuffled from department to department.

✓ We stock hard to find items and specialty items, in addition to all the standard stock carried by Big Box Tool Rental Departments.

✓ Prices are often less with us then Big Box Tool Rental Departments, particularly when considering our rental periods:

    • 1 day weekend rate = 2-3 day rental at Big Box Tool Rental Departments.
    • Our “contractor daily” where you pick up today and return by close tomorrow can be as much as 2 day rental at Big Box Tool Rental Departments depending on pick up and drop off times (according to the Big Box Rental Tool Departments Price List).

✓ Our staff is trained on proper use of equipment and the applications they are made for. Need assistance? Northside Tool Rental experts are here to help you make your project a success.

✓ Our equipment is serviced and repaired on site to ensure quality and quick turn around.

✓ You don’t need to lift heavy items or get your work clothes dirty, we will load and unload your vehicle for you.

✓ If you have a problem, the actual ownership of the company is on site every day and can be reached with a phone call or email.


Northside Tool Rental vs. Other Independents

✓ We are multi-location with outlets conveniently placed around the city.

✓ We serve all of Metro Atlanta.

✓ We take online reservations.

✓ We stock a broader selection of specialty and hard to find items.

✓ Same pricing advantage – Weekend Special and Contractor Daily.

✓ We have an easy to use downloadable Mobile app.


Northside Tool Rental vs. National Rental Companies

✓ We typically have more locations in the city than they do.

✓ We provide the same high quality service to all customers, not just larger national builders.

✓ Our prices are always competitive, if not lower.

✓ Northside Tool Rental has faster response times for urgent need rentals.

✓ Quick job site service if equipment goes down – no waiting around for days for a mechanic.

✓ Local ownership. Shop local. Northside Tool Rental is a locally owned and operated business. Business expenses and capital investments are made locally – all employees, all capital expenditures, local taxes, charitable contributions – all feed into the local economy, unlike national and international competitors

✓ We’re easier to deal with.  Helping you have an easy, stress-free rental experience is what we strive for at Northside Tool Rental.