Practical Guide on How to Use a Stump Grinder

After a tree is removed, a stump that sticks out of the ground may appear to be an eyesore in your property. This also gets in the way of your landscaping plans, so it is best to have this removed to keep the area clear and easy to maintain. Grinding is usually the best option as this is the fastest and most effective way to remove stumps. It is only a matter of knowing what it takes to rent this equipment and how to use a stump grinder properly.

Renting a Tree Stump Grinder

Once you have decided to do the work on your own without the help of professionals, you may choose to either buy or rent a stump grinder. Renting is always a practical option when what you have in mind is only a one-time job since you can save more money this way.

If you wish to rent stump grinders, this may cost you about $150 to $200 a day, although the amount still varies. The most important thing is that you take into account several factors before you rent a particular product to avoid any hassles in getting the job done. Among the factors to consider are the following:

1. Size

A slimmer design of the stump grinder is ideal when you want to ensure maneuverability of the equipment. After all, there may be instances when you will need to reach into and work on tighter areas, which only a slim stump grinder can do. Furthermore, the slimmer the equipment, the lighter it is. Thus, you can avoid fatigue as you remove the stump.

2. Cutter Disk or Cutter Wheel

Carbide-made cutter disks are excellent to use since these are very sharp and efficient. Also referred to as the cutter wheel, this should have no signs of wear or dullness, so you could achieve quick and quality results that you want.

3. Lightweight

Extremely heavy stump grinders are almost impossible to use, and these can leave you feeling exhausted easily. With this in mind, better choose one with lightweight features that can efficiently do the job. Lighter stump grinders are also a breeze to transport whenever necessary.

4. Power and Depth

Choose stump grinders with the highest level of horsepower as possible. Keep in mind the efficiency is affected by the horsepower of the equipment. As for the depth, it must be able to grind down up to 20 inches deep below the grade. This is the only way to prevent bumps and lumps in the yard.

Additional Information about Renting Stump Grinders

Taking matters on your own can be tough and challenging, but you can minimize the stress by being aware of certain aspects about stump grinder rentals. For instance, you need to know that renting an equipment is more advisable when the stump is small, rotted and old. You can also save money when you rent, as compared to hiring experts.

In addition, you need to be familiar with the different specifications of most stump grinders for rent. There are various models and types available, and be sure to check the specifications of the product in question. Asking an expert about the right item you need is also advisable when you are not certain about the cutting capacity and features of the stump grinder.

Some of the common specifications you need to take into consideration include the cutter wheel, height, power source, length, width, weight and cutting capacity below and above the ground. By being knowledgeable about these specifications, you can have a better idea about the right product to rent and the potential cost of removing that stump on your yard.

Tips on How to Use a Stump Grinder

When renting a stump grinder, be sure to choose the right size you need with a good cutting wheel and powerful engine. Afterwards, make it a point to perform these techniques:

  1. Remove debris from the area surrounding the base of the stump. You may either use a garden mattock or a shovel to do so. By clearing the place, you can prevent any damages on the cutting wheel’s teeth that may be caused by rocks getting in the way.
  2. Using a chain saw, trip away the stump as close to the ground as possible. While this step may be skipped, this can make the job much faster and ensure better results.
  3. Raise the wheel of the grinder a few inches from the tree stump by using the hydraulic lever. Then, position the cutting wheel over the front edge of the stump by pushing the machine forward. Let the wheel begin spinning and lower it gently to about 3 inches into the tree stump.
  4. Swing the wheel from one side to another using the hydraulic lever. This motion helps clear out and slowly remove the wood.
  5. Dig down about 4 inches before raising the wheel. Next, move the machine a few inches forward and continue cutting. Just be sure to remain at the control panel or the rear of the machine away from the wheel as you grind away the stump.
  6. Grind the other portion of the stump slowly and carefully. Make it a point to pause once in a while to check if the dug hole is about 4 inches below the ground. Afterwards, remove the wood chips and use screened topsoil to fill any cracks and craters.
  7. Rake the soil lightly and use grass seed to cover the ground. Be sure to rake the layer of seeds on the soil to spread it evenly. Mulch hay can be used to cover the seeds after you have watered the area.

These tips can help you grind a stump properly and achieve excellent outcomes that you want. So, be sure to visit our Lawn and Garden Equipment section for a quality stump grinder you can rent for your stump removal project today.

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