How to Build a Tool Shed

One thing about tools is that they somehow manage to multiply. In January they fit nicely into your toolbox, but by July they’re overflowing out of the toolbox and into the rest of your storage space.

If you’re a weekend DIY warrior, and a cabinet of scattered, disorganized tools sounds like you, then you may want to consider a tool shed! Prefabricated tool sheds can be expensive. Fortunately, building a tool shed of your own isn’t difficult and can save you money. Plus, you can design your tool shed to best suit your hobby of choice.

What Will Your Future Tool Shed Be?

Wooden tool shed Tool sheds are used for many different types of hobbies: gardening, woodwork, automotive restoration or repair, and general around-the-house work, to name a few.

The average tool shed consists of the following components:

  • Door
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Floor
  • Shelves and/or hooks
  • Light Source
  • Lock

Optional and personal additions may include:

  • Work bench (integrated or separate)
  • Hobby table (integrated or separate)
  • Window
  • Cabinets or hooks for storing tools and equipment
  • Storage bins
  • Small parts cabinet (for nails, screws, wire, etc,.)
  • Chalkboard, dry erase board, or pinboard
  • Heater, fan, and/or air conditioning
  • Skylight
  • Firewood and kindling storage

There are hundreds of tool shed ideas available to view online. It may be a good idea to look at what other people have done to get a clear and comprehensive idea of what’s possible. You can also decide what you don’t like, and better determine your preferences.

At the end of the day, remember that if you have a specific vision for what you’d like, you can make that idea a reality!

How to Build a Tool Shed

Everyone’s tool shed will be slightly different. Some people will choose more of a narrow, lean-to design strictly for storage, while others will want their tool shed to be large enough to stretch out and build their project.

The construction process for your tool shed will be much the same across all designs.

  1. Design your tool shed, and compare and contrast plans
  2. Draw out your plan, paying special attention to measurements
  3. Gather your equipment
  4. Purchase the materials
  5. Lay your foundation
  6. Build the frame
  7. Build the roof structure
  8. Lay and attach the roofing materials
  9. Attach the exterior walls
  10. Insulate if desired and add interior walls
  11. Install any windows or doors
  12. Paint, if desired
  13. Move in!

Remember that building anything requires specific measurements, and that your foundational planning work will determine how smoothly your project will run.

Woodworking - Northside Tool Rental The more time you put into setting out your measurements and ensuring that everything is cut to order, as well as gathering your materials, the less likely you’ll have to make multiple trips back to the hardware store.

Tips for Building a Tool Shed

  • Make sure your tool shed’s foundation is on solid, level ground. You don’t want it to start sagging in a year’s time!
  • Consider a metal roof for your tool shed. They may cost slightly more at the outset, but metal roofs for over 30 years if treated properly. Additionally, you don’t have to lay plywood beneath the metal.
  • Simplify your foundation and consider installing a paver floor. This type of floor allows for water to drain through, so you can rinse it with a hose as necessary.
  • Wood has an unmistakable rustic appearance. However, it will require regular maintenance in order to keep it looking good, as well as ensure that it lasts  for many years. Choosing a synthetic alternative like fiber cement or PVC trim is especially helpful for harsh climates.
  • While you want your tool shed to be functional, adding exterior decor can help your shed compliment your home. Signs, hanging planters, a front porch, and gables are just a few possibilities.

Northside Tool Rental

A tool shed isn’t going to build itself without the right materials and equipment.

Northside Tool Rental has many options of drills, hammers, and guns to help speed your shed’s assembly. If you’re cutting your materials yourself, let our saws do the hard work for you.

Will metalwork be a feature of your shed? We even have welding equipment so you can build your shed exactly the way you want.

If there’s a dream tool shed on your horizon, then let Northside Tool Rental help make that vision a reality.