DIY Home Projects for 2016

The new year is here, and that means a full year of DIY projects ahead. Whether you are a beginner or an expert DIY-er, home projects are available for every skill level.

DIY Home Projects for 2016

Looking for some inspiration? Or just curious to see what’s out there? Here are some ideas for DIY Home Projects for 2016!

Ideas for the Home

Bookshelf (Skill level: Beginner – Expert)

Even if you aren’t an avid reader, bookshelves are handy pieces of furniture to have around the house. They also make great gifts for people of all ages! Bookshelves store books, of course, but they can also be used for DVD storage, knick-knack displays, extra kitchen storage, bathroom linen and supply storage, and much more.

Building a basic bookshelf is an easy beginner project which can be done in a weekend. Advanced woodworkers can take bookshelves to the next level by adding doors, adorning their bookshelves with clawed feet, or adding carved designs to personalize the exterior.

DIY Home Projects for 2016 - Northside Tool Rental

Kitchen Cart (Skill level: Intermediate)

Flat work space can become a premium around mealtimes in any kitchen. A kitchen cart is a great way to not only add to your horizontal space, but to increase your storage space as well. It’s easy to build integrated cookbook shelves, undercarriage bins for ingredients, or drawers to store extra kitchen gadgets.

There are dozens of different designs for kitchen carts. Some are wheeled for easy portability, while others are more permanent fixtures which become an extension of the rest of the kitchen.

Linen Storage Chest (Skill level: Intermediate)

Storage chests are versatile and attractive additions to any home. They can be used for linens and pillows just as easily as bric-a-brac or holiday decor. They can also double as impromptu seating for guests!

Storage chests can be made out of many different types of wood. They can also be painted with any design or pattern you want. You could even make painting a fun project for your kids, especially if the storage chest is going into their room!

For the Kids

DIY Home Projects for 2016 - Northside Tool RentalBuilding Blocks (Skill level: Beginner – Expert)

A childhood classic, crafting your own building blocks will not only become an instant heirloom, they will teach essential letter and number recognition skills.

Piggy Bank (Skill level: Beginner – Expert)

A piggy bank can be shaped like a pig, but it can also be shaped like a box, sphere, or just about anything else! Help teach your kids about money by building their own piggy bank.

DIY Garden Projects

Step Stool (Skill level: Beginner)

Spare the knees of the gardener in your life! Step stools are handy to have in any gardener’s shed. They make a great place to sit while putting on or taking off gardening shoes. They are also a great way to stay organized as a gathering place for gardening tools.

Step stools are also handy to carry around the garden, sparing both knees and backs discomfort while planting or tending to plants. And of course, for those of you with fruit trees or tall shelves, step stools give you the extra reach you need!

Firewood Shed (Skill level: Beginner – Expert)

If you’re the type to gather and store firewood for the winter, there’s only so much room in your garage or basement. Firewood sheds are the perfect place to store as much or as little wood as you’d like!

There are many different designs for firewood sheds. Some are open and airy, while others are designed to protect against wind, rain, and snow.

DIY Home Projects for 2016 - Northside Tool RentalPotting Bench (Skill level: Beginner – Expert)

Potting benches are great for any gardener, especially patio gardeners, providing easy access to frequently used tools and a wide work space. They’re also wonderfully useful in greenhouses or tool sheds. Your design can be as basic or as elaborate as you’d like, depending on your needs!

Pet Projects

Dog Pool (Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate)

Summers in Atlanta can be hot! Sure, you could go out to the store and buy a plastic kiddie pool for your pup. But these aren’t designed to last; plus, Fido may chew the plastic and cause leaks!

Build your canine friend a dog pool to stay cool on even the hottest of days. Designs range from basic and storable to integrated into the yard much like human-sized pools.

Cat Tree (Skill level: Beginner – Expert)

Store bought cat trees can be expensive, and may not appeal to your cat’s particular taste. Keep Kitty off the curtains by building her a cat-friendly climbing and play zone. You know your cat’s play style best, so add her favorite tunnels, perches, and scratching posts that she’ll love to use!