Restaurant and Retail Buildout Equipment

Every build out is different. Some stores are single story while others have multiple floors. Some spaces have low ceilings while others have tall ceilings. The wiring in one location may be perfect, but the surrounding construction may need revisiting. The list could go on.

Don’t have a man lift for fitting new windows or wiring? Did a smaller project turn into something much larger, and you need supplemental equipment? Are you on a tight deadline when your trusty drill gives up the ghost? Northside Tool Rental has got you covered.

Restaurant and Retail Buildout Equipment

Northside Tool Rental has been providing top-notch rentals to companies around the Atlanta area since 1953. We have decades of experience and really know our equipment!

With a vast selection of equipment for contractors to choose from, we are sure to have the right tools for your job site.

Our Most Popular Restaurant and Retail Buildout Equipment:

  • Stilts: Reach tricky places without having to keep moving and re-setting your ladder. 24” is perfect for drywall, wiring, insulation, painting, and more.
  • Power Screed: Need a screed? Our screed rental takes the tedious work out of levelling, smoothing, and settling wet concrete.
  • Tripod Light: When you’re doing electrical work, you can’t always have the electricity on. That’s where a dual tripod light comes in handy! This light is also perfect for nighttime work.
  • Interior Scaffolding: Also known as a ‘bakers scaffold’, this easy-to-assemble scaffold comes with walk board, safety rails, outriggers, and casters.
  • Vertical Mast Lift: Our vertical mast lift provides 18’ of working height combined with a small profile. This lift is wonderful for projects which require height in narrow spaces.
  • Scissor Lift: We offer three options for scissor lifts – 19 – 20’, 25 – 26’, and 32’ heights. These lifts are especially handy in warehouse or other indoor settings.
  • Material Lift: Save time and backache by using a material lift for projects where you need to move heavy equipment or materials.
  • Diamond Core Drill: Drill perfect holes into hard objects with this diamond core drill. Use with diamond core bits for best effect.
  • 850-Pound Capacity Trash Cart: Trash is an unavoidable feature of any job site as drywall is removed, tiles are pulled up, and old fixtures are replaced with new. Our 850-pound capacity trash cart is an essential for any job site since its extra-large capacity will ensure fewer trips to the dumpster!

Every restaurant and retail build out has its own unique set of challenges and requirements. Northside Tool Rental can provide you the tools you need to get the job done.

Contractor Programs at Northside Tool Rental

construction-1160260_640Atlanta is always growing, and restaurants and retail shops regularly need upgrades and renovations. If you’re a regular at Northside Tool Rental, then you know that rentals aren’t all about the transaction. We’ve been developing relationships with Atlanta-area contractors since 1953, and offer two programs which are each tailored to our contractors’ needs.

VIP Contractor Program: Perfect for small to mid-sized contractors who prefer to pay for rentals on a cash basis.

Commercial Credit Account Program: Best for large contractors who prefer to receive invoices as opposed to paying cash at the time of rental.

Learn more about our contractor programs and fill out an application here.

Northside Tool Rental

Why choose Northside Tool Rental for your contract equipment needs?

  • We have five convenient locations around the metro Atlanta area.
  • Our equipment is available for pickup or delivery directly to your job site.
  • We keep our equipment in top working order so that it’s always ready for any job.
  • We offer daily, weekly, and urgent need rentals for extended and last minute projects alike.
  • We have thousands of equipment options to choose from.
  • Our reservations are no obligation and free to make – always!
  • We offer net 30 day billing and have early pay discounts available.

Our team has decades of equipment rental experience and is more than happy to offer any assistance with rental questions or concerns. Contact us at one of our five Atlanta-area locations, and we’ll help you complete your retail or restaurant build out on time and in budget.