How to Set Up Scaffolding

Construction projects often encompass work on the ground level as well as out-of-reach areas. Sometimes, a ladder just isn’t going to cut it, and even ladder jack assemblies can only do so much for vertical projects.

Before you set up scaffolding for your project, learn how to set up scaffolding properly for a safe and efficient job site.

How to Set Up Scaffolding

Setting up scaffolding is very straightforward, but may take some patience if it’s your first time. Recruit a friend or a coworker to make this task go by much more quickly!

  1. First, you’ll need to level the ground your scaffolding will sit on. Most scaffolding is designed to be used on flat, stable ground. Excavate or fill in dirt for an even surface. Lay sections of level boards underneath the footing to distribute weight and keep the structure steady. If you’re working on an extreme slope, you may want to consider leg extensions.
  2. Organize all your scaffolding parts before you begin assembly. This way you can be certain that you have everything you need.
  3. Attach wheels or baseplates, depending on which you are using. swivel caster for scaffolding set up
  4. Assemble the scaffolding frame ends. Lay them in line with each other, and rest the feet or casters on any leveling boards you are using.
  5. Raise one end piece and expand its cross brace so that the end piece is angled but secure against the ground, supporting the piece in place. If using casters, engage the brake.
  6. Raise the second end piece opposite the first and expand its cross brace in the same way. Again, engage the brake if you are using casters.
  7. Carefully lift the cross braces and secure on the bottom of the opposite end piece. Install the second set of cross braces.
  8. Now that your scaffolding frame is set up, now is a good time to check that it is level and secure. If using casters, move your scaffolding into place.
  9. Install your scaffolding planks by lifting them up and through the scaffold bars. You may need more than one person for this depending on the size of the scaffold planks. Fasten the scaffolding planks with appropriate locking equipment.
  10. Attach the scaffolding access. This may be a simple ladder or a stair-like ladder. Note that stair-like ladders must have handrails and treading.
  11. Install guardrails on your scaffolding. Guardrails help prevent falls and workplace injuries. how to set up scaffolding image of walkboard
  12. Prevent your scaffolding from tipping over by attaching stabilizers at the bottom of your scaffolding and tying it to the building as necessary.
  13. Inspect your scaffolding prior to use to make sure everything is secure and installed properly.

You are done! Your scaffolding is now ready for use.

Scaffolding Safety and Tips

  • If you are using your scaffolding over the course of several days, always re-inspect the equipment prior to use.
  • Wheels make scaffolding projects a breeze, but always remember to set the brakes before use!
  • Never move wheeled scaffolding while people, materials, or tools are on it. image of scaffolding frame
  • Don’t use or move scaffolding near power lines due to the risk of electric shock. If your job requires you to work near power lines, you may want to consider a ladder jack instead.
  • While it may be tempting, don’t use regular wood in lieu of scaffolding planks. Wood isn’t always strong enough to support the weight of your workers, equipment, and tools.
  • Rig up a tool transportation system for fast access to tools and equipment. Many supplies can be easily transported with a rope and bucket hung over the side of your scaffolding.

Scaffolding Solutions at Northside Tool Rental

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