Four Common Equipment Rental Mistakes to Avoid

The rental of equipment, tools and machinery offers many advantages to Atlanta Metro contractors. Equipment rental is an integral component of your budgeting and planning process that can save your business time and money. However, there are 4 common mistakes contractors need to avoid to ensure you will actually get to keep that time and money.

Avoid crucial mistakes in these areas when considering your equipment rental needs:

  • The Contract – Always read the contract thoroughly. Ask questions about additional costs such as fuel, delivery, late charges, and damage liability. Don’t let miscommunication be the reason your project breaks the budget.
  • The Price – One crucial mistake that contractors often make is assuming that the rental equipment bid with the lowest price is going to be the best value. This may or may not be the case. You have to consider how much time, money and resources you will lose if the equipment breaks down or doesn’t operate as intended. Always be sure you are renting from a company that offers quality along with value.
  • The Equipment – Before renting, take time to research the correct equipment you will need for the job. Identify the tools and machinery that will get the job done in the most efficient, safest manner.  Renting the wrong equipment can cause delays and added costs.
  • The Timeline – It’s not just about the right equipment, it is also about having the right equipment at the right time. A piece of rental equipment sitting around being unused waiting for another task to be completed, is wasting your hard earned money.

To help you avoid costly mistakes in these areas, Northside Tool Rental is happy to offer thorough explanations of our rates and terms. Renting from us will also ensure that the equipment will be clean, maintained, and dependable. Our rental experts can make recommendations about which equipment you may need for a specific job and answer all of your operation questions.

To help with timeline management, we offer a “contractor’s daily rate.” As long as you return the equipment by close of business the following day, you only pay the standard one-day rate. And for added flexibility, you can return any piece of equipment to any of our locations without penalty, regardless of the pick-up location.

Avoid costly mistakes and enjoys the local, personable, competitive equipment rental solutions only available at Northside Tool Rental.