10 Commandments of Chain Saw Operation

Chain saws are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can rent from Northside Tool Rental. You can use chain saws for clearing, pruning, limbing, felling, and harvesting logs for the fire. Chain saws are able to quickly and easily complete these type of jobs due to powerful, sharp, teeth spinning at very high revolutions. This is also the reason you should always follow the…

10 Commandments of Chain Saw Operation:

  1. Match the size and type of chainsaw to the job at hand.
  2. Check the chain tension initially and after every few hours of usage, adjust as needed. Loose chains can fly off causing serious injury.
  3. Don’t ever use a chain saw one-handed or above shoulder height. You may have to resort to using a handsaw for anything above the shoulders or at an awkward angle.
  4. Always wear appropriate safety gear and never cut alone. Have someone nearby to summon help in case of an emergency.
  5. Be sure you are clear of other people. Also, be sure everyone in the vicinity understands to never blindly approach the cutter. Due to the noise and concentration required by the operator, a blind approach could easily startle them.
  6. Always engage the chain break when not cutting.
  7. Did you know a cut to the left thigh is the most common chain saw related injury? This usually occurs when an operator is carrying a running saw. To avoid injury, do not walk any distance with a running chain saw. Engage the chain brake and carry the chain saw by the front handle only.
  8. Understand the kickback zone. Know and plan for “kickback situations” at all times, kickback can occur from the chain saw or from whatever you may be cutting.
  9. Do not touch the ground with the chain as this will dull the cutting teeth.
  10. Stabilize any wood that could roll back on you while cutting.

Bring all your chain saw questions to Northside Tool Rental! Our rental experts will make sure you always have the right tool for the job and the know-how to get the job done safely. Real service is the difference between us and the big box stores. Contact us to get started on your next project today!