Keeping Your Cool on the Jobsite This Summer

The nickname HOTlanta for the metro Atlanta area refers to more than just our amazing nightlife. It also refers to our sizzling summer heat and humidity. As Atlanta general contractors, we know you have first hand experience with the negative effects summer heat can have on the jobsite. As the temperatures start to rise, let’s review some tips for…

Keeping your cool on the jobsite this summer:

  • Employee Safety – The biggest heat-related concern this summer will be employee safety. Employ the following strategies to protect your workers during a heat wave.
    • If you have new employees who have not recently worked outdoors, slowly acclimate them into hot work. New workers are most susceptible to heat-related medical problems.
    • Provide air-conditioned or shady areas for breaks.
    • Provide plenty of cool water and encourage workers to stay hydrated.
    • Encourage regular meals and snacks to replace lost electrolytes.
    • Train everyone to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion in themselves and others. Symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, irritability, elevated body temperature, and an accelerated heartbeat.
    • Schedule heavy work for earlier or later in the day instead of the hottest midday hours.
  • Equipment Safety– Worker safety isn’t the only summer heat worry for contractors. Tools and heavy machinery can also be negatively affected by heat. Equipment without properly maintained levels of coolant or oil can overheat more easily during the summer. Seals can become compromised by damaging heat and exposure to UV rays. In a dry heat environment, dust can get into machinery, necessitating more frequent cleaning and filter changes.

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