Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Landscaping

Keeping your landscaping looking its best throughout the entire summer can be a challenge with the high temperatures we experience here in the South. Summer landscaping can be a big job, but if you do your research and follow these tips, you can have great success.

DO: Water Deeply to the Roots

Ideally, your lawn should receive the equivalent of about one inch of rain per week during summer months. Only a few times a week, water with a deep soak so that the water penetrates the soil. Try not to water every day as this promotes shallow root systems and can weaken the grass. Also, keep an eye on flowering plants, shrubs and trees – they may also need a deep drink of water during the summer.

DON’T: Water During the Hottest Part of the Day

Watering your lawn during the hottest part of the day is pretty useless because the water will quickly evaporate and won’t reach the roots. Water in the early morning so that the roots have a chance to adequately absorb the moisture.

DO: Sharpen Your Mower Blade

A dull mower blade tears grass, creating ragged, brown edges that provide an opening for disease organisms. Sharpen your mower blade regularly. The rule of thumb is that a sharp blade lasts for 10 hours of mowing. When you rent from us, you can always expect a sharp blade.

DON’T: Cut your lawn too short

Taller grass shades soil, which reduces water evaporation, leads to deeper roots, and prevents weed seeds from germinating. The longer the roots, the more resilient your grass will be against drought and heat stress. As a general rule, don’t cut your grass shorter than three and a half inches during the summer.

DO: Plant Shade Trees

Plant large evergreen trees on the south or southwest side of your home to conserve energy and reduce your energy bills. Also, plant trees to shade your air conditioner to help keep it cooler and running more efficiently.

DON’T: Prune During a Heat Wave

During a heat wave, it is really hard to determine whether a leaf that’s wilted or discolored is a goner or if it will rebound. Plus, pruning does cause a bit of stress to your plants. It’s best to wait until temperatures get a bit back in the normal range before snipping off leaves and stems that didn’t make it.

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