Make Demolition Easier with the Right Tools

Demolition is by far the messiest, most dangerous piece of any renovation project, but it can also be the most fun! Tearing out the old, ugly, and out of date can give such a feeling of satisfaction, especially when you can envision the “after” picture. Just as there is more than one way “to sling a sledgehammer”, there is more than one way to go about demolition. Find out how having the right tools can make the job easier.


This is an absolute must, as demolition can be quite dangerous. A good pair of work gloves will help prevent blisters and protect your hands. Protect your eyes from flying debris with safety goggles. Wearing a helmet for demolition work above your head is also a smart idea. You can use a thin mask for simple dust, but a respirator will be needed if there could harmful airborne chemicals present, like asbestos or lead paint.


The back-and-forth motion of a reciprocating saw makes it ideal for cutting wood, nail-embedded wood, shingles, even steel. Use caution to always select the right blade. You can use a circular saw to plunge-cut into flooring or dissect a deck. Mount it with a masonry blade and cut into a slab, patio or driveway.


Whether you need a little extra “busting up” force for concrete, tile, wood, or any other material, we have the right tools. It is important to use the right type of hammer and bits for your project. Our rental experts are always ready and willing to answer questions and point you in the right direction.


Angle grinders are available with a wide variety of cutting and grinding wheels making this tool very versatile. During demolition you can use this tool to cut loose tile, mortar, cement, rusted bolts, or steel rebar. You can also use a wire wheel to make quick work of rust and loose paint removal.

The best possible outcome of a good demolition phase is to be left with as little repair as possible. Starting with a clean slate will get you onto the refitting phase and get you closer to that “after” picture. How can Northside Tool Rental help you with your next demolition project?

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