Tips for Keeping the Work Site Clean

The synonyms for cleanliness include spotlessness, tidiness, neatness, and orderliness. I would venture to guess that these are not words you normally use to describe your work site! However, work site cleanliness is an important issue. Keeping a work site clean improves safety, reduces waste, increases efficiency, and leaves a better impression on those visiting your site.

Use these tips to keep your work site clean and safe:

  • First and foremost, cleaning the work site is way easier when it is ongoing. Make it a daily or even semi-daily priority.
  • Assign daily tasks to specific people. Tasks such as disposing of litter, organizing tools/equipment, disposing of toxic materials will more likely be completed is a specific person is responsible rather than leaving it open to the crew as a whole.
  • You need BOTH dumpsters and trash cans. Dumpsters should be available for large amounts of debris and scraps. Spread trashcans and recycling containers throughout the site for smaller items. Have these onsite from the beginning. Dispose of materials in accordance with Federal regulations and local codes.
  • Keep usable materials in a separate pile. You don’t want to  end up accidentally throwing them out!
  • Work areas, stairways, passageways, and gangways should always be kept clear of debris. This will minimize trips, slips, and falls.
  • Provide chutes to bring order to the chaos of throwing waste from one level of a project to another.
  • Arrange clean and sanitary restroom facilities for workers.
  • Have a designated area for storing materials, equipment, and tools. Make sure items are removed from the work areas and placed back in the storage area in a timely manner.
  • Section off or create signs for any area that may have insecure material.
  • Frequently schedule the safe collection and removal of combustible and toxic waste. These are not items you want to keep around the work site.

Taking these steps will lead to a safer and more productive work environment for everyone involved. Cleaning as you go is the name of the game. But remember, the final cleaning after the project is complete will be the one that will leave a lasting impression of your company.

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