Fall Home Checklist

Fall – do you feel it in the air yet? Pumpkins, caramel apples, bonfires, s’mores, colorful autumn leaves, chili, football, hot chocolate, hay rides and warm sweaters – the time has arrived! But first, use this time of transition to mark a few of these items off of your home checklist:

  • Put Away Summer Gear:  Inspect your summer gear for damage and clean it before storing it away until next year. Make note of any items that need to be replaced because you may find them at the end-of-season sales. You can do the same for summer garden tools.
  • Landscaping: It’s time for a little aeration. The function of a lawn aerator is to make small holes that allow air to circulate around the roots and the bottom of each blade of grass. This results in healthier, greener grass that can absorb water and nutrients much more efficiently. After you aerate is the time to over seed and fill in any gaps in the lawn.
  • Deck Cleaning: Declutter the deck and sweep away all the remnants of summer cookouts. This is also a good time to give it a light pressure washing to rinse away debris. Using a nozzle that delivers a wider spray, set the pressure low and use a constant sweeping motion directed at an angle to the surface.
  • Repair Driveways and Hardscapes: Before the weather turns icy, take measures to inspect and repair all driveways, sidewalks, steps and patios.
  • Seal it Up: Prevent energy from escaping by sealing gaps around all exterior windows and doors with a high-performance sealant.
  • Safety Check: To keep your family safe, test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. Inspect and/or replace fire extinguishers and review fire escape plans with everyone in the household.
  • HVAC Maintenance: First, your filters probably need changing after all the hard work they did this summer. Then schedule maintenance to ensure your heating system will be ready for the first cold snap. Sometimes the temperatures drop drastically and you don’t want to turn the heat on only to discover that it isn’t working!

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