Keep Tools and Equipment Safe on the Jobsite

Keeping tools and equipment out of harm’s way will not only contribute to a safer jobsite, it will also help your bottom line. Tools and equipment are some of your most important assets. It’s hard to complete a job without the right equipment!

Protect your assets from theft and damage:

  • Provide secure storage for smaller tools and equipment. Use storage with locks to securely store every possible piece of equipment and tool on site overnight.
  • Find a way to identify your tools and equipment in the case of theft. Proper identification can assist law enforcement in recovering stolen items. There are many options here. From glued on asset tags all the way to GPS trackers, you have to decide which option is right for you. Some options obviously have more of an upfront cost, but it may be worth it if tool replacement costs are eating away at your budget.
  • Another way to deter theft is to set up motion activated security lighting on jobsites that are not manned overnight.
  • Staff training can alleviate tool and equipment damage. Make sure that everyone on your jobsite knows how to properly store and handle all tools they will be coming in contact with. Having someone operating a tool that doesn’t fully understand the operating guidelines can cause extreme damage. Staff training will also contribute to worker safety!
  • What type of inventory procedures are you currently using? By using a check in/check out procedure and inspecting inventory daily, you can handle theft and damage immediately. The faster you can identify theft, the more likely you can recover the asset. The faster you identify damage, the safer your workers will be.

Meet project deadlines and keep your project within budget by keeping your tools and equipment safe. Remember, Northside Tool Rental has you covered when you need a specific tool for the job. Tool and equipment rental is our specialty – it is our sole focus. You can rely on us for expertly maintained equipment and real service.

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