4 Design Tips For Your DIY Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are more popular than ever. Why? Because the kitchen always has and always will be the “heart” of the home. And while kitchen updates boast high ROIs, you many not need to remodel your kitchen in its entirety. Be smart about the features you upgrade by making replacements that play up the best features of your kitchen. If you are planning on a full DIY kitchen remodel in the near future, take a look at these design tips:

  • Layout – Moving around easily in your kitchen is a top priority. Create a classic work triangle with short paths between your refrigerator, stove top, and sink. Position traffic paths to go around this work triangle, not through it. Provide adequate aisle space between counters and be aware of conflicting door swings from appliances, cabinets, or the pantry.
  • Extra Storage – There is no such thing as too much storage in the kitchen. Any little nook and cranny that you can add or make better use of your kitchen storage space is going to put a smile on your face.
  • Counter Space – Improve the functionality of your kitchen by making sure you have at the very least 36 inches of clear, uninterrupted counter space for prep work. And let’s not forget to talk about all the benefits of a large kitchen island. An island can not only provide additional counter space for prep work, it can also serve as a buffet. If you include seating at your island, it will make a great place to chat with your family or visitors while you are preparing a meal.
  • Lighting – Bright and airy is the look you are trying to achieve in the kitchen. You want to have adequate lighting to be able to complete all your kitchen tasks. If possible, add a few additional windows to your design to bring in more natural light.

During the design phase, consider the challenges you face in your kitchen currently and figure how to resolve those issues in your remodel. Take your time and design a layout that will make the most of your space, priorities, and budget. But most importantly, have fun with your design!

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