5 Ways to Prepare Before a Big Move

When you think of making a big move, the first thing that comes to mind is ALL the boxes! Where do you get the boxes? How many boxes do you need? Are you going to be swallowed alive by all these massive stacks of boxes? Which box did you put that important item in? BUT before you even start thinking about the boxes, we have a few other items you need to prepare before the big move.

Be Prepared

  1. Set up a moving calendar. Sometimes just creating a to-do list is not enough and making a big move is one of those times. On your calendar set appropriate deadlines for each individual task. Break all of your big task items into mini-goals, put a date to them and stick with it!
  2. De-clutter, de-clutter, and then de-clutter again. Moving is hard work! Don’t spend the extra time and energy moving items that you don’t need or don’t use. Be super critical during the process of deciding what stays and what goes. Trust us, you will be thankful at the end of this journey when you are only relocating and unpacking items that you truly need. Donate your extra stuff or have a garage sale and use the money you make to bulk up your moving fund!
  3. Organize important documents that you may need prior to, during, and immediately after your relocation. As you are de-cluttering, gather all of the documents that you need to keep track of into one place. This list includes financial documents, property-related documents, insurance, moving paperwork, and even school and health records.
  4. Start, stop, or transfer utilities at least a month in advance of your big move. And then even after doing your due diligence in this department, a few days out you still need to verify that everything will be up and running in your new place.
  5. Make a list of all the people and companies you will need to notify of your new address. The list will be longer than you think! Here is a great printable list to get you started.

Never fear, next time we will talk a little more about all those boxes and the best way to handle them. With these tips and a little help from your friends at Northside Tool Rental, you will be better prepared to tackle your next big move.

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