Are You Making These Equipment Rental Mistakes?

Renting equipment gives you access to the latest and greatest technological advances while sparing the costs associated with storage and long-term maintenance. It also gives you the flexibility to say yes to more jobs. This will expand your project horizons! At Northside Tool Rental, we want to make sure you are renting with confidence. Here are some common equipment rental mistakes to avoid.

Equipment Rental Mistakes:

  • Are you paying too little attention to safety? Especially with rental equipment, it is everyone’s responsibility to be sure the operator is trained on the equipment and handling it safely. Just because a worker is familiar with one piece of heavy equipment, doesn’t make them capable enough to handle it all.
  • Are you paying too little attention to the timeline? Do you really need that specific piece of equipment right now? Are there other tasks that need to be completed first before securing the rental equipment? A piece of rental equipment sitting around being unused waiting for another task to be completed is wasting your hard earned money.
  • Are you paying too little attention to the contract? Don’t neglect to read the fine print regarding things like fuel, charges, delivery charges, late fees, and damage liability.  Read everything thoroughly and ask questions to ensure you are not on the hook for any unanticipated expenses.
  • Are you paying too little attention to the scope? Do your research to avoid renting more or less than what you need. Renting the highest level of equipment for a job where it is not needed can be a waste of money. Similarly, renting a piece of equipment that is too small for the job can slow you down. It can also require you to rent additional equipment at an additional expense.

Avoid Mistakes with NTR

To help you avoid costly mistakes in these areas, Northside Tool Rental is happy to answer all of your questions and make recommendations on rental equipment. We also offer thorough explanations of our rates and terms. Renting from us will ensure that the equipment will be clean, maintained, and dependable. For added flexibility, you can return any piece of equipment to any of our locations without penalty, regardless of the pick-up location.

Come talk to us about options for your next project. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the positive impact rental equipment can have on your business and your bottom line!

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