7 Tips to Save Your Sanity on Moving Day

We have already talked about Ways to Prepare for a Move and Best Packing Practices. Now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty – it’s moving day! Moving day can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many tiny details to keep track of.

We have the tips and tricks you need to save your sanity on moving day!

  1. Pack an overnight bag for each member of the family with a change of clothes and personal toiletries.
  2. Make sure everything is completely packed before the day begins. If it is going to be in a box, it needs to be there before any movers arrive!
  3. If possible, arrange pet sitters and kid sitters for the day. Then you can mark “keeping up with your littles” off your extensive to-do list.
  4. Pack a box of essentials and personally put it in your car so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. This box should include cleaning supplies, toilet paper, garbage bags, light bulbs, box cutter, power strips, phone chargers, screw driver set for assembling furniture, plastic baggies for additional “assembly parts,” paper products for the kitchen, and your box inventory list. Using a plastic bin for your “essentials” box is a good idea, because you will be visiting this box frequently!
  5. Also, pack a special box for jewelry, personal documents, important electronics and other valuables. This box also needs to be put in your car before the moving chaos begins.
  6. Before you disassemble any electronics, take a picture of the wire set up for future reference.
  7. Delegate the cleaning of your new bathrooms to someone on your trusted help list. You are going to want to take a shower in a clean bathroom before you pass out on moving day! Equip this person with cleaning supplies, shower curtains, and toilet paper from your essentials box to get one of the most important rooms of the house set up first.

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