Why Yes, it is All About the Curb Appeal!

Curb appeal is all about first impressions.  First impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo. And all it really takes is a glance of about 3 seconds for someone to form a first impression of your home or business based on the outward appearance. So make a great first impression with these curb tips:

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Lawn: The simplest way to boost curb appeal is to have a well manicured lawn. Healthy looking, weed free trimmed grass, clean lines around walkways and flower beds, and trimmed bushes and trees will set the foundation for curb appeal you can be proud of. Put in a few perennial flowers to brighten things up.

Exterior: For a fresh exterior, the first place to start is with a good wash. Make your property sparkle with a pressure washer rental. After everything is cleaned up, take time to repair any places that need attention. Focus on chipping paint around the windows, missing shingles, or siding that needs repair.

Hardscaping: Stained, cracked or damaged walkways and driveways can really detract from the look of a property. Get those areas cleaned and repaired. For all you dreamers, imagine complimenting your entrance with a relaxing patio designed to greet your neighbors and foster community.

Vibrant Colors: Nothing says curb appeal like vibrant, bold colors. You can go big by painting your front door or front shutters with an exciting color or you can go smaller by adding vibrant accessories like flowers, planters or door decorations. Welcome signs, welcome mats and porch furniture are also a great place to incorporate pops of color.

Illumination: Entryway lighting is crucial for setting the mood and welcoming nighttime guests. Fresh new light fixtures can cast a brighter light and they give the impression that your home has been updated recently. Combine wall sconces or lanterns with landscape, step and path lights for ideal illumination.

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