Moving Tips for the College Bound

Summer is winding down and the countdown has begun for college dorm move-in day. Does that statement make you excited, anxious, or indifferent? If you answered anxious, hopefully we can alleviate some of those worries with some great moving tips. We want the transition to dorm life to be a smooth one!

College Bound Moving Tips

  • Keep it simple. Saving space is your goal when moving to college. Check to see what will be provided in your new set-up and consider the things you can leave at home. Do you really need a television or can you watch everything from the laptop you will already need for school work? Do you need a printer or does your dorm or library already provide printing services? Are you really going to be ironing your clothes? On the other hand – bed linens, towels, toiletries, basic school supplies, clothes, and extension cords or power strips are all a must. Shoe racks, closet organizers, over the door hangers and storage baskets can also help to conserve space and keep you organized.
  • Pre-pack storage items. If you are bringing organizational bins or drawers, go ahead and pack those with the items that are intended for them. It will mean one less box to pack/unpack and it will be ready to set up on arrival.
  • Label everything with your name and room number. There will be many new arrivals and this will ensure all of your items end up in the right place!
  • Document everything. Before you unpack anything in your new space, take pictures. You will want to document any tears, stains, or already broken items so you will not be held responsible for them later.
  • Bringing a hand truck or furniture dolly is a must. Turn several trips to and from the car into just few. Plus, those few trips will result in much less sweating!
  • Some assembly will most likely be required. A toolkit with a basic hammer, drill, level, screwdrivers, and pliers will come in handy on move-in day.

We can help!

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