DIY Projects Worth Your Time

It is never a bad idea or a bad time to invest in your home and capitalize on the benefits of home improvement. But sometimes DIYers have to ask themselves, “Is this really worth my time?”  When is it smart to DIY and when is it time to outsource? We want to suggest a list of DIY projects that give you a great return on the investment of your time and your money.

It’s DIY Time!

  • Painting – One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home inside and out is by painting. It is incredibly simple, yet produces a huge impact. To make the job a little easier, rent some scaffolding or a lift to paint the exterior of your home. You can also rent a paint sprayer for interior walls, ceilings, fences, or a deck.
  • Updating Fixtures and Hardware – This is an easy DIY update that can make a huge difference. Think about updating plumbing fixtures, door knobs, or cabinet hardware in the kitchen or bathroom. Throw in some can or recessed lighting to brighten the place up, maybe even add a dimmer switch!  The possibilities are endless to add some uniqueness to your home in this area. 
  • Adding Curb Appeal – Curb appeal is always in fashion! The quickest way to boost your curb appeal is to make your property sparkle with a pressure washer rental. And let’s not forget about the landscaping. Healthy looking, weed free trimmed grass, clean lines around walkways and flower beds, and trimmed bushes and trees will set the foundation for a great looking property. Then try to mix things up with a variety of plants that will bloom at different times in the season.
  • Finishing a Basement or Attic Space – Depending on the size of your space, this DIY project may be a little more labor intensive. However, the end result will provide you with additional square footage and who doesn’t need that! Think about using your addition for a home office, a guest room, a workout area, or a place to entertain.

If you have DIY projects on your to-do list that you are wanting to complete, come see us at Northside Tool Rental. We can make sure you have best tool for the job. We also have the expertise you need to get all your questions answered. And we have the locally owned, small town service that will leave you smiling!

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