Home Repairs That Can’t Be Put Off – Part 2

Rook leaks, foundation problems, and mold issues are the repairs that we discussed in Part 1 of home repairs that can’t be put off. These are all areas of home repair where it can take very little time for a minor issue to become major damage. Unfortunately, there are some other areas that fall into the same category. Some problems just can’t wait or you risk much bigger, costlier problems down the line. Fortunately, Northside Tool Rental has all of the home repair equipment necessary to meet your needs.


Here are the signs of an overtaxed electrical system that needs repair: outlets or switches that are warm to the touch, lights flickering, fuses repeatedly blowing out, or circuit breakers that keep flipping off. We are sure you can guess the dangers of not fixing these issues in a timely manner. More than 40,000 electrical fires occur each year in the United States.


Big leak, small leak, any type of leak can do big damage to your home. If you have a water spot that is constantly present or getting consistently bigger then this is a sign of a plumbing issue. Leaking water can lead to mold, structural problems, and health issues. It is best to address all plumbing problems as soon as they arise. The toughest part of the fix can be tracking down the source of the leak.


Improper grading or a clogged rainwater system are two of the things that can lead to drainage problems around your house. You want to encourage all water to run as far away from the house as possible. The role of gutters and drainpipes is to draw rainfall away from the home. If they are stopped up, water begins to pool in vulnerable areas putting your foundation at risk and inviting water indoors. Keep those areas debris free and flowing.

We know your home is your investment! Northside Tool Rental has the tools and equipment you need to keep up with all the home repairs on your to-do list for your Atlanta area home. Come see us or give us a call, our expert rental professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have

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