Protective Safety Gear for Every Part of Your Body

What is the most frequently used tool or equipment in your arsenal? It should be your safety gear! Protective gear is not just for the construction jobsite. Your home workshop, personal residence, and yard can become just as dangerous as a jobsite when tools are involved. Keep reading to be sure that all body parts are covered.

Protect Your Head

Safety helmets protect your head against falling objects, flying objects, and many other hazards. Of course, they are only effective when they are worn properly. Be sure it is facing forward and you have the right fit.

Protect Your Eyes

The eyes are the most complex and fragile parts of our body. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying debris. They also protect the rest of your body because wincing or jerking back from being hit in the eye while operating a power tool could lead to further injury.

Protect Your Ears

Whether you prefer earplugs or earmuffs, wearing hearing protection is important. Prolonged exposure of 90dB or more can result in hearing loss. Most power tools and equipment are louder than you might realize.

Protect Your Respiratory System

Using a respirator mask is an absolute must when doing demolition work. Toxic particles like asbestos, fiberglass, and mold that can be thrown into the air and then into your lungs. Masks can also block out drywall dust, welding fumes, paint fumes, pesticides, and other hazards.

Protect Your Hands

There are as many types of safety gloves available as there are types of jobs. Be sure you are wearing hand protection made of the correct material for the job, be sure they fit snugly, and be sure they still offer you the tactile sensation you need to complete the task.

Protect Your Feet

Foot injuries can be debilitating, resulting in time away from work or difficulty performing a job. Safety shoes can protect you from falling and flying objects, punctures, electrical hazards, slips and falls, burns, and extreme weather.

For ultimate protection, make sure all your safety gear not only functions, but it also fits. Ill-fitting gear can impede movement making the gear less effective at protection. The example set by leadership has a huge impact on any company’s safety culture. Make it clear that it is everyone’s responsibility to wear appropriate safety gear and use best practices to prevent accidents on the work site.

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