Keep Cool this Summer with Misting Fans

When the temperatures start to rise and you can’t rely on air conditioning to cool you down, portable misting fans can feel like a lifesaver. This little miracle on wheels can provide you with the opportunity to be cool and comfortable regardless of where you are.

misting fans for construction sites How exactly does it work?

Contrary to popular belief, misting fans do not make people wet. The droplets are immensely small when they are sprayed into the air. Once the droplets cool down the surrounding air, they simply evaporate!

What are the features of the Cool Caddie misting fan?

  • It can quickly chill the air (up to 25ºF) on even the hottest days of the season.
  • A variable speed dial provides versatility.
  • It runs quieter than a standard house box fan – it’s true!
  • A built-in 16 gallon water tank allows the unit to run without being connected to a water source for around 4 hours. There is also the option to connect it directly to a garden hose for all-day use. A built-in switch will keep the tank from overfilling.
  • Commercial-grade wheels, locking casters, adjustable neck height, and a heavy duty handle make it easy to move and transport.

Where can it be used?

  • Tailgates, camping, backyard parties, outdoor events, sports practice or event, outdoor weddings, restaurant patios, on the golf course… anywhere you want to stay cool this summer!
  • Use a misting fan to increase employee productivity and employee morale during hot summer days on the construction site or in the warehouse.
  • Misting fans can also be used to dampen smoke from a BBQ grill and dust from dry fields and parking lots.
  • Farm animals LOVE cooling off with misting fans when the temperatures soar above what is safe or comfortable for them.

We know the pressure summer temperatures can put on events and worksites. Northside Tool Rental is here to keep you cool this summer.  Renting from us means you will receive perfectly maintained equipment and real service – every time!

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