Portable Air Conditioners Make NTR the Coolest Rental Company in Town

Not in the entire history of central air conditioning has an air conditioner ever broken down at a convenient time! Air conditioners only seem to break down during the hottest weekend, or right before a holiday, or right before a big event. And of course, they all conspire to break down at the same time causing not a single repair technician to be available for days.

Have no fear! A portable air conditioner rental from Northside Tool Rental can save the day. These units can quickly restore cool temperatures to your home or business when the need arises. In addition to being a lifesaver when your main units breaks down, portable air conditioning units can be used for supplemental cooling. Holidays, birthdays, business events, or any occasion where a large crowd gathers can generate more heat than usual, especially in the summer. Instead of cranking up your main unit, use a portable air conditioner to cool your event space quickly and efficiently.

Tips for Quickly Cooling Down With a Portable Air Conditioner

  • Turn on the portable air conditioner a few hours before you need it.
  • A portable air conditioning unit can work in conjunction with a ceiling fan or floor fan to circulate the cool air quickly.
  • Try not to place the unit in direct sunlight.
  • If possible, keep the door closed on the space you want to cool. This will keep excess warm air from being introduced so that the cool air can circulate faster.
  • Increase effectiveness and energy efficiency by running the unit during the early morning or late afternoon hours, when the temperature is cooler. The programmable timer feature can help with this!
  • Eliminate unnecessary heat sources in the area you are trying to cool down. The heat generated from certain types of light bulbs, televisions, computers, small kitchen appliances, and the oven can really add up.

Northside Tool Rental has the equipment to keep your summer cool in all situations. Come see us or give us a call, our expert rental professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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