Increase Productivity with a Sherpa Mini Skid Rental

If you appreciate the strong and silent type on your jobsite, we have the worker for you! Our Sherpa battery-powered mini skid steer rental is exactly what you may be looking for. The 100ECO is just as powerful as its “combustion engine” counterparts, but it is particularly suitable for interior work. It’s got no internal-combustion engine which means no fumes. And its whisper-quiet operation vastly cuts down on noise pollution.


A Sherpa mini skid steer plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet for charging and only weighs just under 1,600 pounds. With a turning radius of only 48 inches, it can easily be moved via elevators, and fit through normal doorways and other tight spaces. Passing door openings and entering narrow alleys or backyard gates is no problem at all!


This environmentally-friendly machine can perform a wide range of jobs that make construction, remodeling, and renovation easier and safer. This machine has already proven to increase productivity in the areas of facilities management, demolition, remediation, concrete cutting, and farming.

Reduces Manual Labor

With this work horse, you will be able to increase efficiency and reduce the staff needed to do the job, particularly for manual work such as hauling materials. A battery-powered skid steer can move hundreds of pounds of debris faster and safer than multiple people doing the job. The Sherpa 100ECO can shift hundreds of pounds even in high straight positions. This is a sure way to spare your worker’s unnecessary strain and injury.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are the words of Chris Iscra, Field Operations for Break Thru Demolition.

“We have seen cost savings in labor, increase in productivity and less injuries on the job. We also like how versatile the machine is, no emissions, fits through a standard door, light enough for all elevators and we have even adapted some of our own accessories to it. Once the unit was in the field, all of the foreman have been requesting them.”

Northside Tool Rental is the first in the state to offer this type of technology. We can’t wait to hear your success stories using this exciting equipment!

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