Access Redefined with a Teupen Atrium Lift Rental

Northside Tool Rental has some exciting news! We have added the Teupen TL564AJ Atrium lift to our rental fleet. This piece of equipment is the perfect solution for situations where access is limited or difficult. This is a specialty item that is not always directly available in the Atlanta area until now! Find out all the ways this atrium lift can improve accessibility in your business.

Product Details

  • Outfitted with a diesel engine paired with an electric motor, making it an excellent solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • An automatic self-leveling outrigger system allows it to reach areas that are typically very difficult to access.
  • The tracks enable the machine to have a low surface load making it suitable for sensitive flooring that might otherwise not be able to handle a heavy lift.
  • The compact design allows for travel through a standard 30″ door.
  • This lift can be set up on slopes and inclines with up to a 21% grade.
  • It has the capability to extend up to 54′ in height with a lateral reach of 27′.
  • Features an independently operable jib for maximum flexibility.
  • Of course, a reliable and comprehensive safety control system is included.


  • Makes a great alternative to a complex scaffold build, saving countless hours of work over scaffolding.
  • This Atrium Lift provides access solutions for many industries, including construction, facility maintenance, tree care, window cleaning, sporting venues, museums, churches, office buildings, airports. In other words, this track-mounted lift can travel just about anywhere you need it!

We believe this advanced technology will provide Atlanta area businesses the opportunity to expand their horizons. Think of all the times an exciting, versatile piece of equipment like this can help you to say “YES, we can get that done!” Northside Tool Rental is your rental equipment headquarters. We want to help you say YES!