Scaffolding Safety Tips and Tricks

Scaffolding is a popular construction tool used for jobs of all types and sizes. It is the perfect solution when you need movement at a higher level than ground level, saving you time while roofing, installing windows, painting, and more. Although height and reach can be attained with ladders, they can often make for an unstable platform. Scaffolding puts a worker directly in front of the surface he needs to work on, without awkward angles. Providing a flat, even surface also means decreasing the chance of fall-related injuries. Use the following tips and tricks to work smart and stay safe on and around scaffolds.

Getting Started:
  • When hauling scaffolding, avoid propping the frames up on the side of the bed. It’s best to have everything as low as possible so parts don’t get blown or bounced out.
  • Most scaffolding is designed to be used on flat, stable ground. You may need to excavate or fill in dirt for an even surface. You can also use an adjustable base jack for uneven surfaces.
  • Thoroughly examine the scaffolding setup to make sure all pieces are secure.
  • Reinspect the scaffold system every time you leave the site and return to it to make sure it is still safe.
Work Safely:
  • Whenever possible, cover the whole width of the scaffold with planks. This creates a larger work area and reduces the risk of a fall.
  • While it may be tempting, don’t use regular wood in lieu of scaffolding planks. Wood isn’t always strong enough to support the weight of your workers, equipment, and tools.
  • Installing a guardrail is the best way to prevent accidentally stepping off the edge of the platform.
  • Create a workbench to organize your space by installing planks at a higher level than the ones being walked on. A workbench adds a level of safety as well because you’ll be less likely to trip on supplies and tools.
  • Always set the brakes on wheeled scaffolding and never move a scaffold structure while people, materials, or tools are on the planks.
  • Use the integrated ladder or a stand alone ladder to safely and easily access a scaffold. Don’t take an unsafe shortcut and climb on the cross braces.

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