Offering the Best Compaction Equipment for the Job!

Properly compacted soil is a key component of virtually every construction project. It provides the firm, dense base needed to support footings and foundations, slabs, and pavements. There are many different machines that can be used for compaction. And there are just as many factors that influence the choice of compaction equipment selected for a project. Choosing the machine that is most suitable will complete the work most economically and efficiently due to reduced passes. Finding the right machine for a particular project can help ensure the best results.

Compaction Equipment:


Rammers are used for compacting small areas by providing impact pressure to the soil. They are very light and can be operated by machine or hand. Because they have a relatively small footprint, rammers are used mostly in narrow excavations or adjacent to structures.




Plate tampers, or plate compactors can be used to compact the sub-base and asphalt on driveways, parking lots, and repair jobs. The plate width on these machines ranges from 14 to 28 inches. They are generally used to compact smaller areas and shallow lifts under 12 inches. They are also useful in confined areas where a larger roller may not be able to reach.




Drum rollers use static pressure, vibration, and impact to compact materials such as gravel, rocks, sand, and asphalt. There are remote controlled and ride-on models, static and vibratory rollers, smooth-drum, and padded or sheepsfoot designs. They are most effective on granular materials with particle sizes ranging from large rocks to fine sand. Many road construction projects use smooth drum compactors to create flat and smooth surfaces. NTR features rollers that allow compaction at faster speeds while still delivering even coverage and excellent results. Our infrared-remote controlled roller offers proven compaction results with safer operation. The smart control uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control. The machine stops moving and vibrating should the line-of-sight be lost or if the operator comes within three feet of the roller’s receiving eyes with the control box. Our customers have seen great results with the rollers we have in stock on all types of jobsites. As an added bonus, our units run quieter than many machines in the same class!

Whether your compaction equipment needs are big or small, Northside Tool Rental has you covered. Renting compaction equipment gives you access to the latest and greatest technological advances without breaking your budget. And renting from us will ensure that the equipment will be clean, maintained, and dependable. Visit or call any of our four metro Atlanta locations to have our knowledgeable employees answer all your compaction equipment questions.