Get the Whole Family Involved in Updating Your Curb Appeal

When the weather warms up, it is time to get a jump start on outdoor projects. Getting the whole family involved can make the work more fun and allow you to spend quality time together. Updating your curb appeal together can foster a feeling of pride in your home for the family. Think of how wonderful it will feel driving up to your gorgeously maintained property and thinking… we did that as a family!

Select some projects from this list to boost your curb appeal and enjoy the great weather with your family:

  • Solar Lights – If you’re looking for curb appeal ideas on a budget, you can’t go wrong with outdoor solar lights. Illuminating a path or walkway to the entrance of your home will welcome guests and set the mood. You can also use solar lights to highlight a landscaping feature. Kids can help loosen the soil to place the lights in the desired areas.
  • Planting Shrubs or Flowers – Another fun family project that will add to your curb appeal is to create a flower bed or enhance an existing bed. You can wrap a small flower bed around your mailbox, line your front walkway, add color underneath a tree, or surround the bases of your front porch. For best results, plant low-maintenance, low-water perennials and annuals that will look good all season long. Planting shrubs that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds is a good way to keep kids interested in the flower bed after the project is completed. Tilling up the soil may be a bit too advanced for the kids to join in on, but there are still plenty of ways for them to help! Let the kids join in on planning the placement of the plants, choosing the flowers, planting them in the beds, and watering the soil.
  • Paint Your Mailbox – Your mailbox sees a lot of wear over the years as it is constantly attacked by the elements so a little paint can provide an instant curb appeal boost. Before painting, have the kids help you clean it by removing any dirt, excess moisture or oil from the surface. You will also want to remove any signs of rust with a wire brush and tape off any items you don’t want to be painted like the flag. You can use inexpensive craft store stencils to let the kids get in on the fun part of the design. After painting, let the mailbox dry for at least 24 hours before reattaching.
  • Make Stepping Stones – This classic craft never goes out of style. Stepping stones make an attractive transition between separate parts of your yard and landscaping. Get the kids involved by allowing each child to decorate his or her own stone with personalized objects or decorative designs. Custom design possibilities include handprints, footprints, broken bits of pottery, marbles, small toys, tiles or dice from board games, dried flowers or plant matter, sea glass, and sparkles.

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