Your Severe Weather Response Tool Guide for Snow: What You’ll Need After the Snow Falls

Atlanta may not see much snow, but when we do everyone loses their minds! While we average only 1.9 total inches of snow per year in Atlanta, when we see larger amounts, it can do a lot of damage. Who can forget the gridlock that happened in 2014 when 2 inches of snow shut down the highways for 18 hours?

Snow isn’t a common occurrence in Georgia, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous when it happens. Snow and ice can still cause power outages like they did in 2017 when snowfall also uprooted trees and left over 10,000 Atlanta residents without power during freezing cold weather.

So let’s find out some tips for dealing with the trouble snow can cause, and which tools can help you avoid a second Snowpocalypse.

Dealing with Snow in the South

We see less of it than in other parts of the country. But this can also have a major effect on how we handle snowstorms. If Atlantans only see a major storm once every few years, how can anyone properly prepare, or learn to drive on slick, slippery roads?

The cost-benefit ratio of paying to own major snow-removal tools in Atlanta isn’t great. Sure, you need heaters for when the power goes out because of a severe snowstorm, and plows when the parking lot is filled with snow, but how often do these things even happen? This is why many small business owners don’t have the tools they need when snow accumulates. It’s also the reason why that snowstorm in 2014 was so effective at shutting down the region; there were so few tools to deal with the situation.

At Northside Tool Rental, we know that you shouldn’t have to pay to keep large snow removal tools, generators, or heaters on hand. It just doesn’t add up. That’s why we have the tools you need available to rent at an affordable rate so that when we do get a major snowstorm, you can get back to normal fast.

Snow Removal & Safety

Snow accumulates quickly, and drivers and pedestrians alike can skid and slide all over the place. This is especially dangerous in parking lots, where visitors can slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries. In fact, 80 percent of slips and falls due to snow and ice occur in parking lots and on sidewalks.  Drivers are less-equipped to navigate icy parking lots which means it’s a lot easier for fender-benders to happen in your business’s parking lot when it’s snowy.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep these areas safe and clear for drivers, pedestrians, and visitors. But large areas like parking lots or lengthy sidewalks can take too long to clear with a regular shovel. You need more power so you can prepare to quickly reopen after a snowfall.

A loader can help you clear away snow quickly and efficiently, but since we see so little snow in Atlanta, it can be costly to keep one on the premises for occasional snowfall. Northside Tool Rentals offers loaders to rent for your convenience, specifically for instances like heavy snow.

Our skid steer loader is available to rent and can come with the appropriate attachments to clear your parking lots and pathways of snow and ice. They’re more ideal for tight spaces like a sidewalk than larger plows, and can still clear your entire parking lot with ease.

You may also consider renting our track loader to clear snow. This track loader is still available with all the necessary plowing attachments, but a tracked machine has added traction, and could actually drive atop a pile of snow! It’s a great option for additional traction on inclines.

Keeping the Lights (and More) On & Staying Warm

Your Energy Needs

Are you prepared if the power goes out during a snowstorm? Power outages can bring your business to a halt quickly if you aren’t ready with a generator for your necessary energy needs. Refrigeration systems need to stay functional, computers need to run; a lot of your business is dependent on electricity. A snowstorm can knock over trees or power lines and interfere with your power supply, making a generator essential to running your business.

What size generator do you need? It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Our 2,000-watt quiet generator is ideal for small needs. Many use it for camping or for on-location filming. If you need to keep a computer and a few lights running, this may be an affordable option, as will our 3,000-watt quiet generator, which is perfect for a small job site that needs power.

Need more power? Our 7,000-watt quiet generator has enough power to run several household appliances in a small home, and will also work for essential operations in many small businesses. A 25,000-watt quiet generator will power your mid-level business so that you can keep operations running even as the weather rages on and the power remains out.

Heating Your Space

Heating is the second-leading cause of fires in the country. When the power goes out, you need safer heating options to keep your commercial building warm.

As long as they are used correctly and with the proper kinds of fuel and ventilation, kerosene and propane heaters can be used inside to heat your facility. Our forced-air kerosene heater accepts either kerosene or diesel fuel and can shield against the cold, as can our forced-air propane heater. Both of these heaters distribute hot air across large areas and are designed for use in very large spaces.

For smaller, outdoor spaces, you can help your team combat the cold with a propane-powered patio heater. These heaters are a great option for businesses that spend a great deal of time outside and need to stay safe and warm outdoors even when the weather is poor.

The effects of snow and ice can bring this city to a halt, as you know. At Northside Tool Rental, we’re here to help you combat the effects of severe winter weather with the tools you need to keep your business rolling even when the lights go out.

If you have questions about the best tools to use when snow falls and the power goes out, we have the answers. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep moving even if the mercury isn’t.