7 Essential Tools to Successfully Care for Your Garden and Lawn

If you’ve ever walked into your local home improvement store, you probably noticed that it’s easy (and expensive!) to collect all the lawn and gardening tools that they showcase. Before long, you’ll find that your garage or shed is overflowing with large and costly tools that aren’t necessarily making your lawn and garden better. You end up with tools that you only use a handful of times. It’s not worth the investment.

Full sheds and empty pockets. What’s a gardener to do?

At Northside Tool Rental, we believe that it’s about quality and not quantity when it comes to the tools you use to care for your garden and lawn. Your tool shed and your budget can’t support all the tools you need to maintain a stunning outdoor space, which is why renting tools can help you achieve the best-looking lawn on the block– without overcrowding your garage or making a major dent in your wallet. 

Below are some of our “must-have” tools for a beautiful garden.

A Sturdy Shovel

Digging is hard work, so you want to ensure the shovel you’re using for your next planting job doesn’t make it any harder. Look for a shovel that has been ergonomically designed to cut down on the hand and arm strain that can come with a digging project. 

Shovels can wear out over time and need maintenance. The scoop blade needs to be sharpened so that the scoop blade is doing the work instead of your back. Why invest in a shovel, pay for the maintenance, and store it in your garage year in and year out when you can just rent one?

Great Gloves

Thinking you might be getting your hands dirty in the garden? Don’t waste your time buying pair after pair of cheap garden gloves that don’t hold up to thorns. You need a pair of well-made gloves to help protect your skin from not only soil but blisters and splinters. When it comes to gloves, you want to make sure that:

  • They fit well. Bulky gloves can make planting and seeding much more difficult
  • They are water-resistant but breathable.
  • They have long cuffs to keep your arms covered as well.

With the right pair of gloves, you will not only look like a gardening professional, but your skin will thank you, too. 

A Garden-Worthy Hose

The only thing more essential for plants than sunlight is water, so it’s important to have a high-quality garden hose on hand. We recommend that you also get an adjustable nozzle head so that you’re in control of the water pressure and spray radius to ensure you aren’t harming your most delicate plants. 

While vinyl hoses are lighter and generally less expensive, they also kink easier and break down more quickly when stored. We recommend a rubber hose which should be stored coiled up without kinks and out of direct sunlight. 

If you’re working on a specialty project and need extra hose footage, don’t waste money on buying length after length of hose that you’ll never use again. It will just get tangled up on the shelves in your garage. Instead, rent the hose you need, pay pennies on the dollar, and keep your garage free of clutter.

A Worthy Wheelbarrow

Big landscaping jobs could require transporting extra soil, compost, or mulch, and if you’re pouring your own concrete patio or path, you can’t do it without a wheelbarrow (or a concrete mixer!). 

A wheelbarrow is going to make hauling those extra hundreds of pounds easier. Don’t drag or haul bags of mulch or soil across your yard, damaging your lawn and your back, use a wheelbarrow instead. 

A thought on wheelbarrows? They’re bulky. They can take up a large part of your parking space in your garage, or dramatically decrease the space in your tool shed. Why not rent one at a low cost when you need it instead?

A Terrific Tiller

When you’re preparing a space for a new planting bed, you need to be able to break up soil and sod. Compacted soil or clay-based soil isn’t optimum for new growth, and a tiller can power through grass, soil, and clay so you can easily clear grass and build a new flower bed or vegetable planting spot.

Tillers come in electric, gas-powered, and front tine and rear tine varieties, but you may not need to use them very often, which is why renting a tiller is a smart choice. Unless you’re a professional landscaper, you probably won’t use it very much, and you’ll definitely benefit from renting a tiller over buying one. 

(If you’re clearing a large space for planting? Rent a mini-skid and give this attachment tiller a try!)

A Lightweight Leaf Blower

At the beginning and end of each season, you’re left with leaves scattered and strewn about your lawn and landscaping. A leaf blower can help you clear out and sweep away this debris so your lawn and garden look polished instead of cluttered and tired.

Why not rent a leaf blower or backpack blower to get rid of leaves and other lawn waste? It’s a quick and easy way to revitalize the look of your whole yard in the fall when leaves drop, and again in spring when winter thaws?

Handy Hedge Shears

Atlanta is a great spot for things to grow, but that can also mean that your hedges can start to look like they’re growing like… weeds. Keep your hedges from getting out of control by shaping them up with hedge shears. Rather than trimming each branch of your hedges by hand, you can rent an electric or gas-powered hedge shear to effortlessly tackle your hedges in no time flat. 

And for the hard-to-reach spots? Rent this gas-powered pole hedge shear to trim small trees and shrubs that are just too hard to get with traditional hedge shears.

Some tools are essential to a great looking lawn and garden. But that doesn’t mean you should have to pay a premium to own and maintain tools that you only use a few times each year. From small hand tools to large powerful equipment, Northside Tool Rental can help you get your yard in top shape without filling your shed or emptying your pocketbook. 

Since 1953, we have been making sure the right tools get in the hands of contractors and homeowners alike. Visit our website to see what we can offer you to help with your next big gardening project.