How to Tackle Your Client’s Trickiest Painting Projects

Late summer is the perfect time to embark on projects and spruce up the house with a fresh coat of paint. The good news is that people know this and you might have a long list of clients lining up to have you paint their home before fall. The bad news is you’ll have less time for your stamp collection; if that’s your thing.

Every contractor has a few tricks up their sleeves to handle difficult projects of all kinds, but when you’re embarking on a painting project that’s just out of reach, or you have a job that needs a little extra finesse, you need the right tools to get the job done successfully.

So here are some tools you might need to apply that new shade of paint. (Pro tip; don’t use a toothbrush to paint a house because it would take forever.)

A Vertical Boost

No matter how tall you may be, there’s only so far you can reach, even from a 6, 8, or 10-foot ladder. For larger projects, you’re going to need some help getting off the ground. 

Extension Ladders and Ladder Accessories

If you don’t need them very often, it doesn’t make sense to buy and store an extension ladder. They’re bulky and can take up a lot of room in your storage space. But when you’re taking on a large painting project, you definitely need one. That’s why renting is a better option.

Northside Tool Rental has 60-foot and 40-foot extension ladders so that no matter what heights you’re reaching with your next painting project, you can get there with ease. Although, if you need to reach something that’s 100 feet high you might need some of the other tools we’ll discuss shortly. Stacking the 60ft ladder on top of the 40ft ladder is probably not the way to go. 

A ladder on its own isn’t a great solution for large, exterior paint jobs. Even with a roller extension pole, that’s still a lot of trips up and down a high ladder, and you can’t get close enough for detailed work in corners and near trim.

The solution is to rent ladder jacks to set up ladder scaffolding, ideal for reaching a little further and getting up close and personal for detail work like painting or staining window trim. You can rent ladder jacks for an easily moveable solution that gets you where you need to be for a successful finish on your painting project. Ladder jacks hook into your extension ladders and support aluminum planks so you can comfortably walk between ladders.



If you have a two-story foyer and stairway you can rent indoor scaffolding to reach the highest corner and cut in with extreme precision. And if you need to paint the exterior siding on a client’s home, you may find that exterior scaffolding feels like a more secure choice.

Northside Tool Rental has all the scaffolding you need to complete your next job with safe, secure options for two- and three-story projects.

Power Lifts

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty option, our scissor lift reaches a maximum height of 19 feet and has a platform capacity of 500 pounds. So even if you’ve really let yourself go in the last few months, you’ll be just fine.

Or you can rent our 25-foot personnel lift, which is ideal when you’re working on your own. With a one-person setup and secure outriggers that enable you to get close to the wall, it’s a reliable way to get up high for painting.

An Even Bigger Boost

For projects of an even bigger scale, you need more than just a ladder or some scaffolding. When you’re dealing with a multi-level exterior project that’s just out of reach, you’re gonna need a bucket lift.

The best part is these bucket lifts are completely towable. Renting a bucket lift truck with two operators can cost $235 per hour—or more. And a 60-foot bucket truck can cost as much as $700 per day. Instead, just pay a portion of that per day for a 50-foot towable bucket lift or a 35-foot towable bucket lift and work on your own schedule, without having to pay for the labor for someone else to operate it.

Ideal for painting second, third, and even fourth stories, a bucket lift is a safe, effective way to finish your job in no time at all—then tow the lift behind you and return it to one of our convenient locations. We’ve got 4 of them so you can just pick a direction and go.

Tools for Painting Evenly, No Matter the Circumstances

When a brush and roller just aren’t enough, you need tools for a smooth, even application. Just like on those YouTube makeup tutorials that everyone is obsessed with. That’s relevant to contractors right? You know what, on second thought, let’s make a different reference… According to This Old House, paint sprayers have an obvious advantage over more traditional paint methods. Sprayers can lay down latex, lacquer, paints, stains, and clear finishes in a fraction of the time compared to brushes and rollers. 

Just as important as its versatility, paint sprayers give a professional finish on all surfaces, including uneven ones like window shutters and stair balusters, where it’s easy for brush drips to occur.

Since sprayers atomize liquids into a fine mist, a sprayer is also a great option when you don’t want to see brush strokes, making it perfect for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation. Air spraying is also the most efficient, long-lasting application technique for exterior siding and painting.

The catch is that paint sprayers are bulky, and you don’t need them all the time. Rather than spend a large portion of your hard-earned profits on a paint sprayer, you could spend pennies on the dollar and rent one instead. Our airless paint sprayer is perfect for smooth finishes and exterior paint jobs for fast, even application.

At Northside Tool Rental, we’re all about supporting your next project, with cost-effective solutions that help you complete your work to the highest professional standards. You’re already a pro. Get access to the tools that take you to the next level.

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