Beating the Winter Blues: Rental Equipment for Snow Removal

Atlanta sees an average of 1.9 inches of snowfall annually, but sometimes we can get nearly twice that amount. Unlike other areas of the country where cities are more accustomed to dealing with snowfall all season long, there have been times where just the possibility of snow shut down the entire city of Atlanta (Snowpocalypse anyone?).

It’s no real secret that Georgians aren’t always great at handling snowfall. Even Saturday Night Live made fun of us once. So, when snow does fall, we could all stand to benefit from having tools on hand to successfully manage snow removal when it matters most. 

Snowy pavement isn’t just an annoyance — it’s a safety hazard. After a winter storm, snow in a parking lot or on a sidewalk can cause all kinds of problems. In fact, accident studies show that almost 80% of slip-and-fall incidents happen as a result of snow and ice in a parking lot or on a sidewalk. Business owners need to clear the way for patrons, which is the perfect opportunity for you to provide a valuable service. And here are the tools you need to do it:

Skid Loaders and Snow

Mini skid loaders are one of the most popular vehicles available for cleaning up snow. They’re flexible and can handle even major snowstorms, clearing parking lots, driveways, and other access points in no time. They also work well to clear snow from small spaces and tight areas where larger plows can’t reach. That’s why they’re called “mini” skid loaders. Plus, skid loaders are safe even when it’s icy. 

But should you choose a mini skid loader with wheels or tracks? Here’s what you should know about each:

  • Mini skid loaders with tracks: Tracks are really useful during the summer months when you’re working in muddy and wet areas, thanks to their top-notch capability to float over the moisture. If you’re a landscaper, you likely already know that they’re ideal for grading or for work on grass, sloped terrain, or sandy conditions, giving you traction without tearing into sod or wrecking a lawn. 
  • Mini skid loaders with wheels: Unlike their tracked counterparts, mini skid loaders with wheels aren’t great in wet conditions. Contractors know that these wheels can eat up a lawn the day after a heavy rain. However, they handle slippery, icy, and snowy surfaces far better than skid loaders with tracks, which is perfect for winter weather and snow removal.

You can push large piles of snow on slippery pavement when you choose a mini skid loader model that comes equipped with tires instead of tracks without slipping and sliding on slick surfaces.

Since wheeled skid loaders don’t handle wet, grassy terrain as well, landscapers and contractors might already have a tracked skid loader but find that it’s ineffective in handling winter pavement. 

Here in Atlanta, it doesn’t make as much sense to purchase a wheeled mini skid loader with wheels just to handle snow — we don’t get nearly enough snow for that to make financial sense! When you need a mini skid loader with wheels for snow removal, it makes far more sense to rent it for those specific occasions instead of purchasing, storing, and maintaining a wheeled skid loader for a few days per year. You know what they say, “save dollars and make sense.” That’s a thing; we’re pretty sure.

Excavators and Icy Conditions

Excavators are useful when the weather is sunny and warm, but they can also make a big difference when freezing precipitation hits. They work perfectly with snow and ice removal because they operate well even in intense, extreme weather conditions. 

Not every piece of heavy machinery handles well in the snow. Even if you have certain large machinery, it might not maneuver through the snow as safely and effectively as machineries like an excavator or wheeled skid loader. Excavators can lift and compact snow, and you can use them to remove wet, heavy, and compacted snow from a site. 

When snow gets in the way of a contracting job or when it needs to be carried away from a parking lot or access drive, an excavator can help you move snow out of the way quickly and efficiently. What you do with it after that is entirely up to you, but we suggest going with a sno-cone stand.

Northside Tool Rental: Your Snow Removal Partner

Having equipment to handle snow removal is a great opportunity to expand your business. Whether you’re used to managing a lawn and landscape company, or you’re in the business of building, work doesn’t have to shut down when it snows. With the right equipment, you can help your community dig its way out of the snow and expand your earning potential into the winter months with powerful earth movers to help get the job done.

These tools are important to have on hand when snow begins to fall, but here in Georgia, it really doesn’t make much sense to purchase and store this kind of heavy machinery for a few days of snow each year. 

At Northside Tool Rental, we have the large equipment you need when the weather is warm and sunny, as well as when temperatures dip below freezing and there are snow and ice to contend with. Plus, whether you’re a large contractor, you run a small, one-man operation, or somewhere in between, we have commercial credit programs designed to make it easier for you to gain access to the equipment you need to get the job done:

  • Our TrueBlue Program is designed for small to mid-sized contractors and DIY customers taking on special projects. This credit program is made for you if you like to rent on a cash basis but need the convenience of a billing account. This can be especially helpful if you are waiting for payment to come in from snow removal clients.
  • Our Commercial Credit Account Program is perfect for firms that prefer to receive invoices for billing and pay later instead of paying at the time of rental.

When you need equipment for snow removal (or anything else for that matter!), we’re here for you. Check out our rental offerings here, and connect with us today to learn more about how Northside Tool Rental can help you expand your business when winter weather hits.