Does Your Client Want a Pool? We Can Help You Build One.

The new pool market, like summertime in ATL, is hot!

According to permit data, the first quarter of this year has shown a dramatic, jaw-dropping increase from last year. In January – March 2021, there was a 106% increase in new pool construction in comparison to this time last year — that’s more than 1,140 new swimming pool construction permits on record for the Atlanta area. 

It’s no surprise that the top counties for building pools are Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee, and Gwinnett — all areas our multiple locations service! So far, Gwinnett has had a 104% increase in new pool construction in 2021, Cobb is at a 76% increase, Cherokee is at an 80%, and Fulton is at a whopping 151% increase in permits for pool installations.

Maybe one of the reasons for the increase is because you become one of the most popular people in the neighborhood when you’re the one with a backyard oasis —pools are a great place to entertain family and friends. And in Hotlanta (sorry, about that), a pool is a great place to get away from the heat and swim all summer long!

Equipment Options for Pool Installations

Starting a pool installation is a messy business — digging a gigantic hole in a client’s back yard requires earthmoving equipment, such as an excavator or a track, skid steer, or mini-skid loader. Many times, the equipment you need is determined by the accessibility to the location of the pool, the plans for the pool, and the size of the pool. 

With your client’s backyard becoming a construction site, it is important to use the most effective equipment for the job — most homeowners would like to keep as much of their side yard from complete destruction as possible. In fact, most homeowners would be against complete destruction of any of their yard.

One of our mini excavators is a great piece of equipment for pool installations because it has the ability to expand and contract depending on when you need to fit through a tight space (like getting the excavator into the backyard) or have wider trackers for more stability (when you start digging)! And most have a ton of different bucket sizes to choose from. Figure out what you need, and Northside Tool Rental can help you get the equipment you need for the job.

Mini Excavators

Northside Tool Rental offers Mini Excavators in 7 ft., 11 ft., or 12 ft. If you can fit it into the pool construction area, and have a place for it to sit without breaking concrete, then this will get the job done fast! They all have options for bucket sizes and can be rented daily or weekly. 

Just make sure you know how to operate whichever one you choose — but if you need help with that, call us! We can also do delivery and pick up for you — one less thing to worry about. Instead, worry more about how you’re going to get invited over to swim once the pool is done!

Skid Steer and Track Loaders

We have a great inventory of skid steer and track loaders. With their ability for zero radius turns, these machines help you have perfect precision when digging out the details of your pool. These guys are the Swiss Army Knives of any construction project. At Northside Tool Rental, we have a variety of different attachments to make this piece of equipment do all the work for you.  

Attachment Options for Skid Steer or Track Loader

  • Multi-lift or Fork Attachment: Move pallets, load trucks, add large landscaping stones, or anything else you want with either of these attachments. This is the real muscle on the job site.
  • Breaker Attachment: Break up existing asphalt or concrete, and rock.
  • Stump Planer: Remove stumps by pulverizing them!
  • Rockhound or Rake Attachments: Remove stone and debris to get ready for replanting and new landscaping.
  • Root Grapple Attachment: Works like a big large claw that can pick up piles of tree roots, tree limbs, and small trees when clearing the land.
  • Auger Attachment: Dig holes to put the trees back in place, as if there was never a mud pit for a backyard.

The icing on the cake for any pool installation is beautiful new landscaping to make your client’s pool feel like a tropical paradise. From backfilling around the outside of the pool walls to shaping and grading the dirt, we have the equipment you need to finish the job right. Most of the equipment is relatively easy to learn and use. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss your project and find the right skid steer and attachments for what you are trying to do!

Renting Equipment Means Less Work for You

Having the right tools at the right time can be essential to running a successful business. You shouldn’t have to manage your project and manage expensive equipment at the same time — let us take care of the equipment so you don’t have to.

Having an entire rental fleet at your disposal gives you the freedom to expand your project, add on to your project, and get as creative as you can with a backyard pool oasis transformation. Readily available machinery can allow you to expand your capability and profit from time well spent on the job, not on the equipment. 

One option we have is a monthly rental agreement. This ensures that you always have access to valuable, high-quality equipment when you need it. You may find it more cost-effective and less stressful to rent equipment on a monthly basis.

Northside Tool Rental wants to help you build as many pools as possible this year — we know that when you have work, it’s time to work hard, and Atlanta wants pools right now. Let us help you grow and partner with you to keep up with demand and install more pools than you did last year. 

We are flexible — whether you know your exact dates and needs — and can schedule ahead of time. Flexibility means the ability to set up daily, weekly, or monthly rental contracts. Give us a call, email us, visit one of our locations, or text us. We’re here to help.