The Ultimate Scissor Lift Guide

As humans, we can’t always reach where we need to work on our own. Whether it’s in a building with higher ceilings than standard or exterior work in high places, there are times we need assistance getting high enough to access our jobs. Most of the time, a trusty ladder is all you need to lift yourself to the proper height. 

However, ladders aren’t always the right option. Sometimes ladders can let you down, especially when you need to elevate yourself beyond the height of an extension ladder or if you want a bit more stability while you are working—that’s where scissor lifts come in handy. 

A scissor lift can provide more safety, stability, and height than ladders. If you need to hang holiday lights, work in the peak of a vaulted or elevated ceiling, or want to reach otherwise unattainable heights, scissor lifts have you covered!  

Personnel Lifts 

If you have incredibly high ceilings or maintain a building with parts that need servicing out of the reach of an ordinary ladder, interior personnel lifts are the perfect solution for your elevation needs. These handy lifts are battery powered, can easily be transported in the back of a pickup truck, and raise you as high as 30 feet—giving you a safe working environment to service hard-to-reach areas.  

Some jobs that personnel lifts make incredibly more convenient include: 

  • Replacing burned out lighting in warehouses, gymnasiums, and homes with vaulted ceilings 
  • Fire suppression system maintenance 
  • HVAC maintenance 

Personnel lifts work within a relatively small footprint and don’t have swinging arms that can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. They also give you a stable workspace that makes it easier to handle tools and equipment while suspended in the air. If you need an easy-to-use and compact lift solution, personnel lifts are the right choice for you. 

Scissor Lifts 

Smaller personnel lifts are handy in a light-duty environment, but what if you need more workspace or don’t want to push your lift where you are working? That’s where scissor lifts really shine. With self-propelled wheels and an extended work platform, scissor lifts give you the ultimate elevated workspace. 

Scissor lifts are the perfect companion for jobs like these: 

  • Elevated drywall and insulation installation 
  • Lighting and HVAC installation 
  • Inventory and stock processing on out of reach warehouse shelving 

A larger scissor lift also opens the possibility for two people to work in the air. This increases productivity, reduces time spent on a job, and makes it possible to perform duties requiring two people. These handy lifts come in various sizes, so make sure you know how high you need to raise yourself before choosing one for your job. 

Bucket Lifts 

If you need to work outside or lift yourself to heights beyond the reach of standard scissor lifts, bucket lifts have you covered. These motorized lifts have larger tires that let you move over varied terrain and have options to raise you as high as 50 feet. In addition to their mobility, bucket lifts also have electric and diesel power options that provide flexibility when you don’t have standard power access. 

Bucket lifts are perfect for performing jobs that require you to reach high spaces outdoors like: 

  • Exterior lighting maintenance such as parking lot light replacement 
  • Siding and window installation and repair on tall buildings 
  • Exterior decorating at roof peaks and commercial buildings 

Working with a bucket lift opens up the possibility of reaching previously inaccessible areas with the confidence of a stable working platform. If your outdoor workspace is in a tight space, you may also want to consider an articulated bucket lift. The extra joints in the lifting mechanism make it possible to reach 45 feet even in confined areas. 

Follow Lift Safety Guidelines to Get the Job Done Right 

Every tool comes with its own list of rules to keep you safe when working with them, and lifts are no exception. Improper use of the personnel lifts can result in serious injury or death, so be sure to follow the guidelines to protect yourself from falling off of the work platform, tip-overs, and equipment collapse. In addition to the user’s manual, OSHA provides a detailed guide to proper lift use. 

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